— Days Without Shea —

The 2010 WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony occurs at the end of March.

A few nominees have baseball ties. One is Bob Uecker for his several stints as a Wrestlemania broadcaster (Hmm that barrier to entry at the HOF is awfully high).

Perhaps the most deserving honoree is Japanese wrestler and sport ambassador Antonio Inoki. He is most famous in Loge 13 as the guy who fought Muhammad Ali live in Tokyo on June 25, 1976.

The spectacle was broadcast live at Shea Stadium as part of a giant wrestling spectacular. More details here, although the original video has been removed.

The hype for the matchup was tremendous, although the ffight itself was a dud.

"The rules of the match were announced several months in advance. However, two days before the match a whole bunch of new rules were added which severely limited the moves that each man could perform. The rule change that had a major outcome on this match was that Inoki could only throw a kick if one of his knees were on the ground. The truth behind the last minute changes will never really be known as there are many stories that have been floating around for the past three decades.

In this match, the only losers were the fans. The match itself was declared a draw. Ali made over $6 million for the match while Inoki made only $2 million. The wrestling company that he had a stake in got to keep the gate from the live event and portions of the closed circuit telecast."

Congrats on your induction, Inoki.

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Mike said

Also remember that Pete Rose is in the WWE Hall of Fame - mostly due to being "tombstone" pile driven by Kane!

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