— Days Without Shea —

The Super Bowl is a few days off but sports fans have already been gorging on pre-game  banalities.

However, this was a good piece on the ugly history of the New Orleans Saints. If the Jets hadn't been born, the Saints would probably be the football cousins of our Mets.

Former Jets beat writer Peter Finney conjures up 43 Saints memories - one for each year of the team's existence. Number 33 occured at our old home:

33. When the Saints beat the Jets at Shea Stadium in Week 15 in 1980 to avoid a winless season, it started snowing as they marched down the field for their game-winning TD. For Saints fans who thought hell would freeze over before they would win a game - well, it did.

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G-Fafif said

That was the same Sunday there was a silent 10-minute vigil for John Lennon in Central Park, six days after his murder. The two events are conflated for me.

Steve Serby wrote in the Post the next day that given what had just happened to the Jets, this frozen piece of turf shall forever after be known as Shame Stadium. He may have also labeled the Jets the Ets after losing to the Ain'ts.

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Mike Hutton said

I was there that day as well. a closet Ain'ts fan rooting for the Jets. My best friend Darrol Ray (#28) was starting F.S. (his rookie year). An injured Kenny Schroy sitting with player's guests was forced to tell a drunken fan to shut up after a Richard Todd TD run. The fan wanted to fight until he realized he was outsized and outnumbered. This memory made the Super Bowl win even sweeter, I hope the Jets win it soon, as long as it not against "Nawlins".

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