— Days Without Shea —

Sometimes folks ask me about the "Days Without Shea" clock atop Loge13.com.

That was once the "Shea Stadium Doomsday Clock" but after Shea was gone, we needed to do something with that funky bit of technology. After all, DepressedFan had spent alot of time making the darn thing.

So the old clock became the new Days Without Shea clock. However, I didn't set the time piece's start date to September 28, 2008 - when the actual last game at Shea was played. That's because in my twisted noggin, the stadium was still vital after that game. Thousands of fans continued to visit and pay homage to the Mets' longtime home.

And folks were there for Shea Stadium's final moment - February 18, 2009. That's when the final chunk of Shea's mortal coil came crashing down. So we set  the "Days Without Shea" clock for 2/18/2009.

Thus we remember Shea Stadium, Loge13, Casey's Pub and everything else that was contained within that concrete monstrosity (Metstrosity, if you will).

PS - I'm posting this a day early as I'll be away from the InterWebs the next several days.

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