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It has been a dreadful winter for Mets news so I'm probably more thrilled by this announcement than I should be.

But the Mets signed Mike Jacobs to a minor league deal. And that can only be a good thing. Jacobs seemed like a can't miss rookie in 2005, when he pounded out 11 home runs and showed some skills at 1st base.

So of course, we traded him to get Carlos Delgado. Jacobs went on to have a decent stint in FLA but stunk it up in KC last year, hitting .228 with 19 home runs and 61 RBI's, with a .401 slugging percentage.

Maybe he was a flash in the pan but Jacobs always looked good when he came back to play his former team. And Mike's presence in spring training means there will be a an honest-to-goodness competition for 1st base. Murphy either rises to the occasion or he is replaced. Good strategy. If this also keeps us from signing Delgado again, even better.

Takahashi has the same birthday as me (April 20) so I like him already.Yes that is how low our standards have gotten here in Loge13.

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Ron Hunt said

Kong, I have to totally disagree with you on this. Jacobs has proven himself to be unworthy of a spot on any major league roster, let alone given a shot at a starting job. I mean he flunked with the Royals!

He strikes out a ton, never walks and has a terrible glove and range.

On the other hand....he'd fit right in!

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