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by Kingman on February 5 at 11:51AM
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Earlier this week, the Mets sent out their Six Pack plans.

The plans range from $106 to $126 a seat. You can choose from Opening Day plan, Pyrotechnica pack, Hall of fame pack and others. Almost all games are week nights; only three of the plans contain anyweekend game.

All the seats are in the Promenade Reserved. I did a little unscientific searching for two tickets for the most expensive and least expensive plans, looking for "Best available." I ended up in section 501 (Last section in right field), 10th row and section 503, last row.

So the cheapest I could get was $252 in the last row in one of the furthest sections from home plate in the stadium. That's before parking, food and souvenirs.


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Mike said

I ended up purchasing the $126 champion pack in section 503, last row. I've sat in this section before and while it's not the best, I would likely spend $100 dollars on upper deckers for the May 21st subway series game and the September 18th Phillies game via purchase on StubHub or the secondary market. I am also excited for the Twins game in that package. Overall, I am pretty pleased with this offering. For anyone who wants to purchase, do yourself a favor and reserve the tix online and then call the Mets 1-800 number to place your order. The transaction fee is 10 dollars as opposed to 30 on the website.

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kingman said

Thanks for the tip, Mike.

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Chris said

I searched a bit too and every time the seats were in the last or next to last row of the promenade. I see they have also opened up a few other areas for the 15 game plans, but again every time I searched the seats were near the back of those sections. The price is not really affordable anyway except in the Promenade. I think I am better off not renewing and going when I feel like it. I doubt we will have problems getting tickets.

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Paul said

I give them credit for putting together cheaper ticket packages, but I think I'll stick with StubHub and just go to the games I actually want to see.

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