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by Kingman on February 27 at 7:03AM
Thumbnail image for Budweiser at Shea StadiumThe NY Daily News has the story today of an 85-year-old beer vendor's law suit against Aramark.

Mildred Block, 85, says during Shea Stadium's final season, she was replaced at her lucrative beer station in right field with a younger employee, resulting in lost wages and tips.

The fact that the "younger employee" was 75 years was one of the factors that got her age discrimination suit thrown out yesterday.

I loved those sweet seniors who worked the beer stands at Shea, some of whom made the transition to Citi Field. I believed their slow service was a benefit. Many times, those long lines kept me from buying that extra beer I didn't need, saving me hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars in the long run. Good luck with your appeal, Mildred. You are welcome in Loge 13 anytime.

Full story:

Age discrimination suit
tossed after Mets beer
vendor, 85, is replaced
by 75-year-old

An 85-year-old woman who sold suds at Mets
games was crying in her beer Friday after a judge
junked her age discrimination suit against the
company that replaced her with a 75-year-old.

Mildred Block sued concession giant Aramark last year,
charging it illegally yanked her from a
lucrative beer stand during the last season at Shea

"Everyone was like, 'Mildred, what happened?'" said
the New Jersey woman. "I worked there so many
years, and I think I'm an excellent worker."

Block said she was marooned at a Shea booth where
tips were scarce compared to the right field stand
where she'd been for nearly two decades, pocketing
$40 in tips on good days.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Joan Lobis sided
with the New York City Commission on Human
Rights, which determined it was "highly unlikely"
that Aramark had discriminated.

The decision pointed out the company replaced
Block - who still works for Aramark at the new Citi
Field - with Gloria Smith, 75.

Block and her son, Marty, accused the commission
of a "one-sided, abbreviated, incomplete and
improper investigation."

Marty Block, who started working at Shea in 1973,
claimed an Aramark manager told him, "Your mother
is an antique dinosaur, old cripple that we do not
want at Citi Field."

Aramark declined comment. In court papers, the
company said it received complaints about long
lines at the stand where Mildred Block worked with a
male partner 40 years her junior. Block insisted
she's still good enough for the beer-stand bigs, and
that she "never made a mistake with the change."

"I couldn't go any faster than he served the beer,"
she said.

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Paul said

Looks like "Budweiser DAVE" from the Loge won't be seeing me this year. So far, no "JUST SATURDAY" Plan. Hey Kingman, How are you and the Loge 13 gang making out? Any Luck???

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Ron Hunt said

We former Loge 13er's have relocated to the Caesars Club!! Back on the first base / right field side of the park too. Section 308, rows 7 & 8. Hot stuff!!

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Martin Block said

My mother was tranferred to another stand but the judge misunderstood. The 40 year old helper stayed. He sold the beer and my mother took the money. She could only go as fast as the 490 year old gave out the beer. They both should have been taken off the stand. As we all know during intermission all stands especially beer stands have long lines. This is in all ball parks. After we filed an EEO complaint that is when ARAMARK tried to cover it up by having a 75 year old work with the 40 year old.
We will appeal it to the cours get it right.


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by Kingman on February 26 at 8:50AM
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Kingman is a fan of most all meats in the cultural stew, especially of the musical variety. There's pretty much no music I don't like (country AND western) but I feel compelled to say this publicly: I do not like Dave Matthews.

It's just one of those things. I don't get him, never have, never will. I don't begrudge anyone who does dig him, but please keep it to yourself. Just thinking about those shrieking fiddles, pointless sax solos and doofy chord structures makes me reach for my nearest Dead Kennedys LP to perform an aural enema on my brain.

That said, guess what kids? Dave Matthews Band tickets go on sale for Citi Field today 10:00!

Press release follows:

Tickets for the previously announced Dave Matthews Band concerts at Citi Field Friday, July 16 and Saturday, July 17 will go on sale tomorrow Friday, February 26 at 10 a.m. online at www.507TIXX.com and by phone at 718-507-TIXX.

Dave Matthews Band will be the second artist to perform at Citi Field following Paul McCartney's historic three sold-out shows in July 2009. The Grammy Award-winning group is touring Europe in support of its album, "Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King," its first studio album in four years.

The Mets are continuing their musical tradition of hosting some of the biggest acts in music that began with the Beatles' legendary musical christening of Shea Stadium in 1965. The former home of the Mets hosted acts including Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, the Police, the Rolling Stones, and the Who. Paul McCartney and now Dave Matthews Band are keeping the rock-n-roll spirit going at the Mets' new home.

The shows will be held rain or shine and are promoted by Live Nation

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Doug said

I find it interesting that Live Nation (TicketBastards evil twin) is actually sponsoring, yet letting the Mets (507-TIXX) sell the tickets... Wonder what the cut is.

Regardless, its nice to see more and more stadium concerts at Citi. We didn't see nearly as many at Shea towards the end of her life. I wonder if it had to do with the Mets lease with the city, and not wanting the field mucked during a long road trip, or does it have to deal now with the Mets having absolute control over their domain, and actually getting a cut instead of the City.


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Jon said

Right there with ya.

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by Kingman on February 22 at 9:51AM
I'm back from a few days of skiing and not watching the Olympics.

As you may know, Willie Mays has a new book out. It's great to see the man talking up his tome and looking great. Loge 13 original Ross Jones sent along this:

Since Willie Mays is making the talk show rounds, I thought this clip might be a fun addition to Loge 13. I have never seen such a generous call on a check swing in my life.

As Curt Gowdy says around 5:10 into this clip, isn't it Ironical?

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Sometimes folks ask me about the "Days Without Shea" clock atop Loge13.com.

That was once the "Shea Stadium Doomsday Clock" but after Shea was gone, we needed to do something with that funky bit of technology. After all, DepressedFan had spent alot of time making the darn thing.

So the old clock became the new Days Without Shea clock. However, I didn't set the time piece's start date to September 28, 2008 - when the actual last game at Shea was played. That's because in my twisted noggin, the stadium was still vital after that game. Thousands of fans continued to visit and pay homage to the Mets' longtime home.

And folks were there for Shea Stadium's final moment - February 18, 2009. That's when the final chunk of Shea's mortal coil came crashing down. So we set  the "Days Without Shea" clock for 2/18/2009.

Thus we remember Shea Stadium, Loge13, Casey's Pub and everything else that was contained within that concrete monstrosity (Metstrosity, if you will).

PS - I'm posting this a day early as I'll be away from the InterWebs the next several days.

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It has been a dreadful winter for Mets news so I'm probably more thrilled by this announcement than I should be.

But the Mets signed Mike Jacobs to a minor league deal. And that can only be a good thing. Jacobs seemed like a can't miss rookie in 2005, when he pounded out 11 home runs and showed some skills at 1st base.

So of course, we traded him to get Carlos Delgado. Jacobs went on to have a decent stint in FLA but stunk it up in KC last year, hitting .228 with 19 home runs and 61 RBI's, with a .401 slugging percentage.

Maybe he was a flash in the pan but Jacobs always looked good when he came back to play his former team. And Mike's presence in spring training means there will be a an honest-to-goodness competition for 1st base. Murphy either rises to the occasion or he is replaced. Good strategy. If this also keeps us from signing Delgado again, even better.

Takahashi has the same birthday as me (April 20) so I like him already.Yes that is how low our standards have gotten here in Loge13.

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Ron Hunt said

Kong, I have to totally disagree with you on this. Jacobs has proven himself to be unworthy of a spot on any major league roster, let alone given a shot at a starting job. I mean he flunked with the Royals!

He strikes out a ton, never walks and has a terrible glove and range.

On the other hand....he'd fit right in!

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