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by Kingman on January 21 at 9:09AM
The Mets ticket office has the Glengarry leads and is making the calls to long time partial season ticket plan holders. The Loge13 block has been in negotiations, as have many of you wonderful Loge13 readers.

Paul wrote this comment this morning:

Played phone tag with the Mets Rep yesterday but my mission remains the same. In order to be a 15 Game Plan Holder the following must happen.
1) Seat Location-Loge type view between the bases. They seem to be willing to change this. The main reason I canceled was I was not returning to Promenade 430.
2) Plus-games-No one with a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Weekend Plan wants these games and they dont force the Weekday Plan to go on the weekend. Nuff said.
3) Ticket Prices-Except for the Promenade Level, Fair Territory seats are way too high. If the people who had those seats in the sections they are offering us now canceled, why should we accept them?
Stay strong, stick together, better offers are comming....Paul

I doubt the price points will change much but we'll see. Please keep Loge13 apprised of your ticket plan encounters. Maybe we'll all end up in the front row together!

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Chris said

Thanks for keeping us up to date. I had one of the 15 game plans last year, but like many others out there I was really disappointed with the pricing and location (Promenade 431). I didn't renew and am also hoping they'll change some things. It would be nice if the partial plan holders had the option of buying playoff tickets (not that the team is making it anytime soon).

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Doug said

The best that you will do for loge-type seating with a 15-game plan is Caesar's Club Bronze (309 / 339). They are offering Left Field Reserved and Baseline Box for 15-game plans, too. None of these gets you between the bases, although 309 / 329 is close. Mets do not want squatters in these prime seating locations. I read that the Ticket Office was in meetings yesterday, so things may have changed.

The plus plans are here to stay. They need to sell the tin with the gold.

Prices for lower bowl seating are not gonna come down.

40-game plans will probably get you closer, but your cost escalates exponentially.

The only afforable seating locations between the bases are Prom Reserved. And for 15-game plans, they are regulated to the last 5 rows...

A 15-game plan in Caesars club seating is gonna run over $1,000 per seat.

I don't see that changing, either.


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Doug said

Oh, I had gotten a call last week about my upgrade requests. I got my aisle seats for one of my plans, and was able to add two more seats to my other.


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