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by Kingman on January 7 at 2:10PM
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The Mets sent out another 2010 season ticket mailer today, pushing the full season, 40 game and 15 game plans.

Of course for the 15 game option, the seating choices are limited to:

*Left Field Landing      $592
*Promenade Box     $518
Promenade Reserved Infield     $370
Promenade Reserved     $281

But the little asterik means Prom Box now officially gets access to the club/bar. Too bad they couldn't have done that last year, when they kept kicking me out of the empty Promenade Club because our ticket didn't provide access.

Mets, there are 12 partial season ticket holders looking to do business with you. Please move our seats.

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Doug said

I've read over at Baseball Fever that the Mets are going to open up 4 additional categories of seating for 15-game plans:
Caesars, Caesar's Bronze, Baseline Box, and LF Reserved.

You may be getting that call after all.


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Im a Met Fan who wishes Shea was still around. The time when prices were based on what color seat you was sitting in. A time where no matter where you was sitting, you can see the whole field! A time where the Homerun apple would pop-up every time a Met homer was hit. Am also an architect who has a 15-game plan with opening day and was just upgraded to section Box 427 row 7 . . . I dont remember the view of how much field I would see / not see . . . anything is better than section box 434 . . . can anyone tell me what am getting in too? I miss Shea Staduim

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