— Days Without Shea —

Loge 13 Original the Greek Bumble Bee forwarded this along. Don't know the source but it is hysterically accurate. Click on image to enlarge:


BTW we have heard from the Mets on their counter offer for tickets. Unlike Bengie Molina, we are listening. Stay tuned.

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Paul said

Played phone tag with the Mets Rep yesterday but my mission remains the same. In order to be a 15 Game Plan Holder the following must happen.
1) Seat Location-Loge type view between the bases. They seem to be willing to change this. The main reason I canceled was I was not returning to Promenade 430.
2) Plus-games-No one with a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Weekend Plan wants these games and they dont force the Weekday Plan to go on the weekend. Nuff said.
3) Ticket Prices-Except for the Promenade Level, Fair Territory seats are way too high. If the people who had those seats in the sections they are offering us now canceled, why should we accept them?
Stay strong, stick together, better offers are comming....Paul

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