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by Kingman on January 27 at 10:07AM
Alot of noise was made about Johan Santana's early arrival to Port St. Lucie Tuesday. It is great to see him healthy and recovered from surgery.

We can count on Johan. The rest of the rotation is what will make the difference in 2010. And one of the biggest wild cards is Ollie Perez.

 Last spring, Ollie was lambasted for showing up overweight and uninspired after signing a big contract. Here is the 2009 spring Ollie:

And here is what Oliver Perez looked like in Pre-spring training: January 26, 2010: oliver_perez_springtraining2010.jpg

Gotta like the beard. makes him look even more psycho than he already was. Also good to see him forging a bond with Johan. If he can learn a few things about poise, Ollie may be able to channel his potential into a breakout year.

Yes I know it's only January.

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Paul said

Have you guys seen this?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPmKrCvkEWI
The 2010 New York Met Fans:
We Believe In Setbacks...

On the 15 Game Ticket front, Called my ticket rep on Monday, she told me I can move to Caesars Club Bronze 329. I told her that was NOT between the bases and to call me back if something closer opened up. After I hung up the Gary Matthews Trade was announced and I figured I was screwed since the phones must be ringing off the hook.
Not to worry....Got a call back on Tuesday..."How does Caesars 328 sound?" Your getting warmer...but not good enough....This is turning into a "Soap Opera"
How about "As The 15 Game Ticket Plan Turns"?
I'll keep you informed...Paul

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