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by Kingman on January 30 at 1:05PM
The New York Times today confirmed the death last Monday of Jane Jarvis.

A sad day for Met fans. Jane Jarvis was a class act who touched millions of Met fans with her musical gift, and her often witty choice of between-inning tunes.

Jane Jarvis was 94.

The Mets did a somewhat lousy job paying tribute to her during Shea Stadium's last year. Jane pulled back the numbers on the Shea countdown wall at Billy Wagner Bobblehead Day in 2008 but really, she deserved an entire day.

Of course, she was also impacted by the awful crane tragedy in March 2008, when a construction crane collapsed into a residential building.

You can read the obituary here from today's NY Times.

In honor of Jane Jarvis, here is a beautiful clip of her and her good friend Benny Powell playing a sweet rendition of "The Nearness Of You." Take care, Jane Jarvis. You were a treasure and a true Met icon:

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Paul said

Little by little parts of our childhood are being taken away. Who could forget that beautiful sound as we were comming up the ramp, headed to our seats. I've found this video that features Jane's music and the last game at Shea....God, I wish they were both STILL HERE...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YN9bpdz3iag

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Ernie Johnson said

A very nice musical tribute. I knew Jane as a Mets fan. Her organ playing at Shea enhanced the ballgame with her wit and talent. My early Met memories would be incomplete without Jane Jarvis. The Mets should have had a Jane Jarvis night before closing Shea. Jane should also be in the Mets Hall Of Fame...hopefully Mets management can get this no brainer right.I always felt they should paint a picture of an organ with the initials JJ in it next to all of the retired numbers. She should be there as she meant so much to the franchise.Thank you Jane for enhancing my childhood experience !! R.I.P


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Fred Winther said

The Mexican Hat Dance on CD? Would love to have it Thanks, Fred

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