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by Kingman on December 24 at 8:05AM
Yes it has been quiet here this month. That's because we have been deep in negotiations with the Mets front office about our seats for next year. Apparently, unless you are a backup catcher or a Japanese reliever, the Mets aren't doing deals right now.

At the moment, we have canceled our plan for next year. If the Mets don't improve our location in Shea Field, twelve fans who have held Met tickets for 25 years will not be returning. We hope the Mets are willing to work with us.

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas to all and to all a Ray Knight!


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Paul said

I would first like to wish all Loge 13'ers a Very Merry Christmas and I hope you get SOMETHING you like.
I also, after 23 years, will NOT be renewing my Saturday Plan at this time. Here are the changes that need to be made in order for me to be a Plan Holder for 2010.
1) Location, Location, LOCATION. I waited 13 years of those 23 before I was upgraded to Loge 10. Then in 2009, all that was taken away and I was assinged Promenade 430. This is unacceptable and must change. I want something between the bases and a Loge type view.
2) Plus Games. Last year I said I would try it. Do you know how many plus games I went to? NONE! It's Saturdays or Nothing.
3) Playoff Rights. Why bother even having a plan without them. After paying for the plan up front, we deserve to be included in the Post-Season.
4) Tickets Prices. Are they for real? Here is something for you, In 2008 top price for a Loge Box seat in Sect 1 cost $115. 2010 the same kind of view would be Ceasars Club Platinum at $231. A Loge Reserve in 2008 had a top price of $67. A view like Loge 13 in 2010 would be Ceasars Club Bronze with the top price of $140. This is OVER 100% increase in just 2 years. Dont forget it included that 10% decrease also....
I did get a message from "Erin" asking that I call her back to discuss the points I mentioned in my letter to Fred Wilpon and to see if something can be worked out. I will call her back after the 2010 Ticket Plan Payment Deadline has passed unless they extend it AGAIN!
I'll keep you posted.

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dyhrdmet said

best Christmas card I've seen so far.

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Celerino Sanchez said

The ticket office at 161st Street and River Ave is VERY responsive to customer needs. . .

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