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by Kingman on December 4 at 2:35PM
Here's an old Channel 9 promo for the rising stars of the Mets circa 1985. According to this, Keith Hernandez was once a teenage girl.

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Paul said

Now....See The Falling Attendance - 2010

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Paul said

Called the Mets yesterday in the on going battle for a seat upgrade to my Saturday-Plus Plan. I was told by the rep to send in the renewal and my name would be added to the list. I told him that unless I get something much better, I will NOT be returning to Promenade 430. I want an upgrade before they see Any cash. He told me that after the people who renewed are handled then I would get a call. Sounds like "The Old Squeeze Play" but as Ralph Kramden said: "There in no position to squeeze us!"

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Doug said


Here is the question you need to ask yourself. What section do you want? Because in the end, you likely won't get MUCH closer to home plate unless you want to consider Prom Reserve Infield seats. And if you want to consider those seats, realize that only rows 13-17 are open to 15-game plan holders. Rows 1-12 are reserved for Full-Seasons.

There isn't much available in terms of infield seating for 15-game plans.

Where would you want to move to?


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Paul said

Ok 40 Game Plan Holders, Today is your turn to send Fred and the boys a message. If you like how the off season is going, Today is the day to send in your check. However, if you feel they could care less about you...join the growing crowd of people and withold payment until changes are made!!!!

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Paul said

Hi Doug, I'm looking for seats near the view I had in Loge 10. I know they say the only seats available for 15 game plans are Promenade Box, Reserve and Left Field Landing, but I expect that all to change with the lack of renewals. They will receive no up front cash from me without an upgrade. They lied to us before and we deserve better!!!

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