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by Kingman on December 31 at 8:36AM
Today is the last day for partial season ticket holders to renew.

Our crew should be gleefully entering our 25th year as Met seat holders. The Mets should be recognizing this accomplishment and our record of investing in the team.

Instead, the Loge13 refugees - 12 seats strong -- are not renewing today. We will possibly renew later, if the Mets make some reasonable accommodations. The folks we have spoken with in the ticket office are very nice so far. But we'll see.

The New York Times has a timely story on the subject today. There are probably many thousands of people ignore this extended deadline today. Do the right thing, Mets.

Here be the article:

With the Mets on the verge of signing Jason Bay to fill one of their biggest needs, a left fielder, the question arises: Who, literally, will notice Bay next season?

One of the biggest complaints from Mets fans about Citi Field last season was the obstructed views from the seats in left field. From the highest of the three decks, many fans could not see the left fielder, the warning track or the fence, and sometimes could not see the center fielder, either. Fans in the lower decks also struggled to see plays in left field, and often had to crane their necks to watch replays on televisions hanging above them.

Mets executives have defended Citi Field's geometry, saying that the partly obscured views of the field are the tradeoff for putting fans closer to the action.

In good times, a debate over stadium sight lines would be a footnote. But these are not the best of times. Many Mets fans are frustrated by the team's dismal 2009 season and by their uncertain prospects in 2010. Other than Bay, the Mets have not made any big off-season moves.

Fans have also voiced concerns about the cost of tickets. That issue, combined with the discontent over the team and some of the views, has left some fans in no mood to renew their season-ticket plans by Thursday's deadline, which had already been extended earlier this month.

"For the life of me, I don't know why I'd want those seats again," said Len Jokubaitis, who had a Saturday plan with two seats in the top row of Section 531 in left field. He was one of more than two dozen fans who talked to The New York Times about their ticket plans for 2010. "I wish the team well and I'd love to see them turn it around, but I just don't think they are worth it right now."

Jokubaitis said he would go to fewer games next season and search for single-game tickets on StubHub. He is willing to pay more than face value for those tickets, he said, because he will be freed from the risk of being left with tickets he cannot resell, something he said happened repeatedly last year.

Fans sitting in the outfield are not the only ones making other plans. Ominously for the team, fans like Jamie Schreck are also taking a pass. He had two seats in the Metropolitan Bronze level last season that cost an average of $150 per ticket. But the team's poor play, the relative lack of free-agent signings and the slim resale market for his seats persuaded Schreck to opt for single-game tickets in 2010.

"I'll probably go to the same amount of games that I did last year, but I'll remove the stress of having to get rid of the 50 or 60 games that I don't want to go to," he said.

Acquiring Bay, he said, will help the team. But, he added, "there's got to be a very strong chance of them going to the playoffs year after year to justify these prices."

To induce fans like Schreck to buy new plans, the Mets cut ticket prices by as much as 20 percent on some seats. The price of Schreck's seats, though, fell just 3.3 percent. In the sections farthest from home plate, where many holders of partial season tickets plans sit, prices were mostly unchanged.

That includes the Promenade Reserved sections in deep left field, where tickets cost as little as $11 a game.

Mets officials declined to say what percentage of their season-ticket holders have renewed their plans, or what impact they expect the Bay signing will have on ticket sales. The team, of course, may still make some significant off-season moves, but even that might not satisfy every disgruntled fan. For instance, one fan named Jay, writing on The New York Times's Bats blog, listed an array of reasons for not renewing his tickets on the promenade level, including the location of his seats and the lack of access to some of the stadium's clubs.

What seemed to really set him off, though, was the team not meeting his request for a Johan Santana bobble head doll.

"Well, it's been two years and I reminded him every time I spoke with him," Jay wrote on Bats Blog about his conversations with a Mets ticket-sales representative. "But he has no problem calling me every week or so asking when I'm going to renew."

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Paul said

F.Y,I,--As of today, the 15 Game Renewal Link is off mets.com. However, the Season & 40 Game is still there. They may be nice on the phone, but actions speak Louder than words...

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by Kingman on December 24 at 8:05AM
Yes it has been quiet here this month. That's because we have been deep in negotiations with the Mets front office about our seats for next year. Apparently, unless you are a backup catcher or a Japanese reliever, the Mets aren't doing deals right now.

At the moment, we have canceled our plan for next year. If the Mets don't improve our location in Shea Field, twelve fans who have held Met tickets for 25 years will not be returning. We hope the Mets are willing to work with us.

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas to all and to all a Ray Knight!


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Paul said

I would first like to wish all Loge 13'ers a Very Merry Christmas and I hope you get SOMETHING you like.
I also, after 23 years, will NOT be renewing my Saturday Plan at this time. Here are the changes that need to be made in order for me to be a Plan Holder for 2010.
1) Location, Location, LOCATION. I waited 13 years of those 23 before I was upgraded to Loge 10. Then in 2009, all that was taken away and I was assinged Promenade 430. This is unacceptable and must change. I want something between the bases and a Loge type view.
2) Plus Games. Last year I said I would try it. Do you know how many plus games I went to? NONE! It's Saturdays or Nothing.
3) Playoff Rights. Why bother even having a plan without them. After paying for the plan up front, we deserve to be included in the Post-Season.
4) Tickets Prices. Are they for real? Here is something for you, In 2008 top price for a Loge Box seat in Sect 1 cost $115. 2010 the same kind of view would be Ceasars Club Platinum at $231. A Loge Reserve in 2008 had a top price of $67. A view like Loge 13 in 2010 would be Ceasars Club Bronze with the top price of $140. This is OVER 100% increase in just 2 years. Dont forget it included that 10% decrease also....
I did get a message from "Erin" asking that I call her back to discuss the points I mentioned in my letter to Fred Wilpon and to see if something can be worked out. I will call her back after the 2010 Ticket Plan Payment Deadline has passed unless they extend it AGAIN!
I'll keep you posted.

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dyhrdmet said

best Christmas card I've seen so far.

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Celerino Sanchez said

The ticket office at 161st Street and River Ave is VERY responsive to customer needs. . .

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by Kingman on December 4 at 2:35PM
Here's an old Channel 9 promo for the rising stars of the Mets circa 1985. According to this, Keith Hernandez was once a teenage girl.

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Paul said

Now....See The Falling Attendance - 2010

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Paul said

Called the Mets yesterday in the on going battle for a seat upgrade to my Saturday-Plus Plan. I was told by the rep to send in the renewal and my name would be added to the list. I told him that unless I get something much better, I will NOT be returning to Promenade 430. I want an upgrade before they see Any cash. He told me that after the people who renewed are handled then I would get a call. Sounds like "The Old Squeeze Play" but as Ralph Kramden said: "There in no position to squeeze us!"

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Doug said


Here is the question you need to ask yourself. What section do you want? Because in the end, you likely won't get MUCH closer to home plate unless you want to consider Prom Reserve Infield seats. And if you want to consider those seats, realize that only rows 13-17 are open to 15-game plan holders. Rows 1-12 are reserved for Full-Seasons.

There isn't much available in terms of infield seating for 15-game plans.

Where would you want to move to?


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Paul said

Ok 40 Game Plan Holders, Today is your turn to send Fred and the boys a message. If you like how the off season is going, Today is the day to send in your check. However, if you feel they could care less about you...join the growing crowd of people and withold payment until changes are made!!!!

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Paul said

Hi Doug, I'm looking for seats near the view I had in Loge 10. I know they say the only seats available for 15 game plans are Promenade Box, Reserve and Left Field Landing, but I expect that all to change with the lack of renewals. They will receive no up front cash from me without an upgrade. They lied to us before and we deserve better!!!

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by Kingman on December 3 at 8:48AM
Billy Wagner ended his Red Sox career yesterday, signing a one year, $7 million contract with the Atlanta Braves.

Hard to believe that the former Mets closer was just honored at Billy Wagner Bobble head day at Shea Stadium less than 16 months ago. Loge13 was there to record the pageantry of that special Shea memory:

OK maybe we got there a bit early. At least we showed up. Wagner wasn't even there that day as he had just been injured and wouldn't pitch again for over a year. Now Billy's the Braves closer. If we've learned anything from history, we expect Wagner to contribute somehow to breaking Met fans hearts at a later date in 2010.

More from the Boston Globe on the deal:

Not long after the Red Sox offered arbitration to Billy Wagner, the reliever they picked up in August from the Mets, they found themselves in exactly the situation they desired. While they would have worked around it had Wagner accepted arbitration, the two draft picks netted by the departure of the pitcher represent an even better outcome for the team.

Wagner signed a one-year deal with the Braves yesterday for $7 million, with a $6.5 million vesting option for a second year. Wagner will get a chance to close in Atlanta, something he would not have had in Boston. The lefthander is just 15 saves shy of 400 and would clearly like to surpass the mark.

The Sox were not shocked by the signing - they expected Wagner to leave, according to a team source - but were a little surprised by the timing. Word broke less than 12 hours after the Sox had announced their decision to offer him arbitration. The signing might have had more to do with the Braves' own relievers, after Atlanta offered arbitration to both Mike Gonzalez and Rafael Soriano.

Wagner threw 13 2/3 innings in 15 games with the Sox, with a 1.98 ERA and 22 strikeouts. The Sox used him gingerly in the wake of his return from Tommy John surgery.

Wagner's signing has reverberations beyond the Sox' bullpen. By losing a Type A free agent, the Red Sox will receive two draft picks as compensation, one of which will likely be the Braves' 20th pick in the first round. That could cushion the blow should the Sox sign a Type A of their own, such as Marco Scutaro. The shortstop was offered arbitration by the Blue Jays.

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Paul said

Just a reminder, Season Ticket Holders, Today is your day. Time to send a message to Fred. Are you going to renew or cancel your tickets?

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greek bumble bee said

Cancel your tickets guys. That is the only way Wilpons will wake up and start doing something, hopefully even sell our dear Mets. Stay home and watch on your big screen TV's and when you want to go to Sheafield then go to Stubhub and buy seats in our old loge 13 area for $10 because there will be many tix available by mid June. Works for me.

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