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by Kingman on November 30 at 9:09AM
It may be the end of November but the Mets still find ways to lose.

This time it's in the stores. The New York Times did an amusing piece this weekend about how sales were on Black Friday at the Mets and Yankees clubhouses.

Of course, the Spankees store did great business. No surprise as they just won the World Series, which opens up a wonderful and lucrative memorabilia marketplace.

The Mets new replica uniforms did not sell well and given the rough economy, the team may take a beating this holiday season...especially if they don't get creative. Met fans are less likely than ever to part with their cash. The end of this NYT piece says it all:

Of course, that has not stopped teams like the Mets and the Yankees from introducing merchandise. The Mets, for instance, unveiled new retro jerseys Friday, ones similar to those worn by the players on the 1969 championship team wore.

The home uniform tops, which the players will wear next season, include pinstripes against a light cream background, similar to those the team wore starting in 1962, when the Mets set a modern-day record for losses in a season.

There were no signs, however, to announce the arrival of the new uniform tops lined up against the wall at the Mets Clubhouse store. The jerseys, which have embroidered lettering and are made with a finer material, cost $266, nearly three times the cost of other replica jerseys.

The retro jerseys sparked a debate among fans on various Mets-related blogs. Some thought the team should focus more on improving the team and less on marketing. Others thought that the jerseys were an effort to make fans feel good just as they receive their season-ticket renewal notices.

In any case, $266 was too pricey for Ben Testa, a Mets fan who stopped in the store on his way to work. Testa asked an employee how many of the new jerseys he had sold so far. None, he was told, as of midafternoon Friday.

Testa said he might have bought a jersey if it were less expensive, but said he was not in the mood to spend a lot on the Mets anyway. He was annoyed by the team's performance the past three seasons and planned to give up his season tickets, which he has had since 1985.

The jerseys are "all about marketing," he said.

"It's no coincidence that they came out on Black Friday," Testa said. "They know they're going to take a hit with ticket renewals."

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Paul said

Now with the Promenade Club opened to anyone in the 400 section, (Doug's Post), thats just a slap in the face to club ticket holders. It costs on average $25 more for a club seat and all your getting now is a better view. I'd be really pissed knowing that people sitting right across the row (Sect. 424) are paying $25 less than those sitting in 423. Way to go METS!!!

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dyhrdmet said

Is it bad that as a Mets fan, I get satisfaction out of a story like this where the new jerseys aren't selling? This is in far contrast to the $20 jerseys I got at Modell's last year.

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Kingman said

It's not bad at all. But those jerseys do look cool.

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Doug said


If you have a Prom Club ticket, the seas have been parted, and you can enter the Caesar Club now.... Not sure if they threw Acela Club access in there, too.

In a nut shell, everyone who had access to a Club last year, got access to MORE clubs this year.


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