— Days Without Shea —

The partial plan letters are in the mail. Some folks have already received them.

We Loge13 refugees are looking to move our Citi seats. From the comments, sounds like many of y'all are too. Paul wrote yesterday:

"Got my 15 Game Plan Invoice the other day and it DID change. Its now called the Saturday-Plus Plan. And it DID go down in price a whole FOURTEEN DOLLARS!!!! However, since parking is going up a buck to $19 and its a 15 Game Plan, thats a total net increase of $1. Called the Mets yesterday, to tell them that
1) The same seats (Promenade Box 430) are unacceptable.
2) The plan with weekdays throw in was unacceptable.
3) I will NOT be renewing if changes can not be made.
They told me to call back next week to see what can be done.
I suggest, if your not happy, you try the same.
Finally, I wish ALL you LOGE 13'ers and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving, and I'll lets you know what happens

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Paul. Let us know what happens and we'll do the same. 

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RonOK said

I am in FL right now and renewal will go to NJ ... I am in Prom Box, Sect 432, Row 1 and they are horrible seats with that ribon board in front and no view of LF and CF .... I have three unused sets of tkts from 2009 .... I am returning them, asking for a refund and letting the Mets know that as long as a moron is their VP of Baseball Ops, I am not a customer. I love the Mets but they are run like a second rate org and their rsults are pathetic .... even withoutthe injuries, this was at best a 3rd place team .... DirecTV for me in 2010 ....

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Kingman said

Thanks for the update, Ron. You are not alone. The Mets ticket office must be under siege right now. They are going to have to get creative with their fan base or risk having alot of empty seats in 2010.

[November 25, 2009 3:28 PM]  |  link  |  reply
chris said

I called as well and asked about better seats (I am prom box 431, 15 game plan). My impression was they were lying (they said no one was canceling when I asked) and said there was very little chance of getting better seats for the 15 game plans. They could not care less about the partial plan holders. I can't see how this team will be any better next year. There are gaping holes in almost every area of the roster.

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Rob said

Got my invoices for my partial plans. I had Sat sect 339 and weekend 501, row 1 right in front of the glass. I think I am going to keep a plan but go as cheap as possible this year. If past actions are a good predictor, I think the Mets will offer more attractive plans later in the offseason or the beginning of the year when they realise there will be a lot of empty seats. I do not see them bending over backwards to keep us happy. Sorry for the pessimism but I am a Mets fan!

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dyhrdmet said

the group that I'm for full season tickets got the invoice. our "leader" (the guy who actually gets the invoice and tickets) outlined a couple of reasons why NOT to continue, and almost all of us have voted to discontinue. same reasons as above. I just don't get the feeling that as many people will voice their displeasue directly to the Mets as we hope, so it won't be as loud a message as we want.

I say that if you're unhappy, let them know. this week may not be a good week for that with vacations.

parking up to $19? jeez. that's criminal.

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James Gerboals said

I am also in section 432 Row 3 for the weekday plan. I am so upset that they haven't opened up other seating in the ballpark for the partial planners. Especially after the major disappointments this season. I think the video apology was a very bad way to say thank you to the Mets fans. We need better customer support and why aren't we assigned reps. Since my guy left this past year I haven't been assigned anyone new.

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Doug said

I was away for XG. Got my letters in the mail.

I am most certain that I will be renewing. (I have seats in 514 and 405).

FWIW, if you have 400 level seating, that gets you access to the Promenade Club this year. The Mets opened up the clubs because - surprise surprise - nobody was in them.

The only folks who will not have access to a Club will be those with 500 level seating.

The Mets have not, as of yet, opened up additional seating areas for 15-game plans.


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