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by Kingman on November 11 at 11:37AM
Loge13'er Paul commented yesterday that the new 2010 pricing plan is up

It took me until today to post and peruse.

There are now an amazing 41 different seat categories. And the five different tiers of pricing by category. Do the ticket office folks need slide rulers to handle purchases?

Loge 13'er Doug commented on the plan:

 No change for in affordable seating categories. Preliminary findings indicate that the savings will be realized with fewer gold games, and reduced per ticket prices in the lower bowl.

It would also seem as they divided up baseline box seating into the colors of many metals.... Not that I'd ever be able to sit there.

Let's see what they offer in terms of partial plans.... I think I'm gonna cry when I realize they aren't gonna do a think to accommodate average Joe.

So what do y'all think?

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dyhrdmet said

I need to look over this better, but I'm really thinking that my Shea seats were a good investment over seats still inside Citi Field. I'm trying to figure out what the Mets' angle here is, maybe scaring us with numbers.

Kingman, you and I need to keep the spirit of Shea alive in our blogs because we lost that spirit with Citi Field.

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Paul said

It looks like after 23 YEARS of being a Saturday Plan Holder, well 22 years and that bogus one from last year, I will be priced out. I'm sick and tired of being shown "No Respect" just because I'm a partial plan holder. We have ALL been thru it. First the threat of being shut out of $iti Field if we didn't upgrade to seanson tickets. Then No Playoff options, and now, No Price Cut. Well, I'm mad and NOT giving in. I am NOT accepting a half ass Saturday Plan with seating in the Upper Deck. We all been thru that before at Shea. When we started our plans. we took what they had and waited OUR turn, year after year to finally get those Loge Seats we loved. Then last year it was Upper Deck for all 15 game plans. Not even offered the same area we earned from Shea. Well, I for one, am NOT accepting it any more. If we stick to our guns, All Loge 13ers will benefit. This video sums it up the best.....

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Ron Hunt said

Since we're talking with the ticket folks about changing seats, I wonder if we'll ever see these improvements


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Paul said

Just a little something to help you decide if you should renew your partial plan for 2010. The Mets payroll for 2009 was $149,373,987. The next closest was NL team was the Cubs at $134,809,000. Both fields hold about the same with Citi ahead 41,800 to 41,118. We know what the mets charged for 2009. Here are the Cub prices,,,

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