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by Kingman on October 3 at 8:52AM
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The Mets announced this week that 2010 ticket prices would be reduced for certain plans.

This led to some good discussion amongst Loge 13'ers. Even with the discounts, ticket prices still don't offer the same value fans had at the previous stadium. As Doug wrote:

Face it. CitiField price points do no even come close to those of Shea Stadium when taking view, price, and quantity of games into account.

Remember, there were NO 15 game plans offered anywhere except PB, PRI, and PR. At Big Shea, you could get pretty much any 13 or 15 game plan in the Loge, Mezz, and even the UD for the Sat and Sun plans. There were options for everyone.

Not at Citi. Want to sit low? You need to shell out for a 40-game plan, and then you are seated in the OF. Gimmie a break. The price points at Citi were developed to steer people into buying FST.

And As Paul mentioned, fans also got rights to post season tickets with Shea partial season plans. That doesn't happen in Citi.

All of this reminded me of a brilliant idea I had last summer, which I wrote down then promptly forgot until now: The Pu Pu Platter Ticket Plan 

Here is how it would work: Let fans buy 15 games (or more) but switch up the seat assignments. Three games are in Pepsi Porch, three are in Promenade, three in Excelsior and a few are even in the field level, which is currently off limits to almost all fans not independently wealthy.

This Pu-Pu Platter plan would let folks with long-term designs on rooting for the Mets get a taste of the entire new stadium and help them make informed decisions about where they might like to eventually settle. Plus it would fill out the stadium (EX - fill the higher prices seats with Sampler fans for the Pirates and other "Value" series).

Lets face it - the Mets ownership is in a bind for 2010. They are going to lose alot of full and partial season ticket holders who signed up for the inaugural season and got hosed. Now it's time to get creative and offer fans plans with real value. Feff and Fred, call me and I'll explain the Pu Pu Platter Plan in more detail.

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Doug said

The sad thing is, unless you are at the cusp of a price point (Say, 405 / 504 or 424 / 524) there is little incentive for you to keep your plan. There will be plenty of seats available to all next season, at face or below on the secondary market, except for four games (and you know what games those will be). Unless they put some whipped cream and hot fudge on that carrot, there is no real reason to re-up a partial.

I was at the game last night. My section was more than half empty (and I sit right behind the plate, up in peanut heaven), and I was saying to my buddy that, "I can't think of one good reason to keep these seats."

Never said that at Shea, even in the worst of years. I had Mezz 3. If I had UD 3 at big Shea, I probably would have thought differently.


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Paul said

I agree with Doug. Have a "Saturday Plan" in 430 and got tired of looking at the left field foul pole. For our last Saturday game of the year we wanted to have a view more like our Loge 10 at Shea, so we decided to flip our tickets on Stub Hub. We found some in 315 row 5 for $40. I nearly fell over when they printed out, face value was $150 A SEAT! The seat was padded as well it should be since my butt would have been sore if I payed full price. The Caesars Club was ok but I'm a parking lot, tailgate kind of guy. The club has no view of the field like the one in the Promenade. Our view of home plate was obstructed by that damn plexiglass at the end of the stairs. We did stay dry when the rains came. EVERY time I went past the glass doors to sneak a cigarette my ticket was checked on the way back to make sure I belonged. Bottom line unless the price and the location of my plan goes down, looks like just a few games with a loge type of view.

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