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Official press release from Mets.com:

Mets lower ticket prices for 2010

FLUSHING, N.Y. - The New York Mets today announced across the board decreases in the price of Season Tickets for the 2010 season at Citi Field with no increase in the price of any ticket next year.

The average ticket price on a full-season basis will drop by more than 10 percent with reductions in select locations in excess of 20 percent. Every Season Ticket Holder will see a decrease in their invoice for next season.

The price of the least expensive seat will remain at $11.

"The Mets are sensitive to the economic realities facing our fans and we have lowered our ticket prices in response to these challenging conditions," said Dave Howard, Executive Vice President, Business Operations. "This move underscores our appreciation of our fans' ongoing loyalty and support. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and value to our customers at Citi Field in 2010."

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Paul said

Lets see if I get this right. My seats at Shea where in Loge 10 which is like being in Caesars Club Bronze at $iti Field. With 20 percent off, seat prices next year will be Platinum:$129, Gold:$116, Silver:$93, Bronze:$74 & Value:$55. Now if they change the "Saturday Plan" to just Saturdays and include playoff rights would you guys renew????

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Kingman said

Playoff rights. I admire your optimism, Paul!

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dyhrdmet said

I don't even know what to make of it. Paul may be on to something. What was the markup from Shea to Citi for 2008 to 2009? Does the 10% - 20% make up for it? Somehow, I don't think so.

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Doug said

Face it. CitiField price points do no even come close to those of Shea Stadium when taking view, price, and quantity of games into account.

Remember, there were NO 15 game plans offered anywhere except PB, PRI, and PR. At Big Shea, you could get pretty much any 13 or 15 game plan in the Loge, Mezz, and even the UD for the Sat and Sun plans. There were options for everyone.

Not at Citi. Want to sit low? You need to shell out for a 40-game plan, and then you are seated in the OF. Gimmie a break. The price points at Citi were developed to steer people into buying FST.

Hopefully they wake up, and be proactive instead of reactive, by offering better plans in more locations throughout the ballpark. They should just bring back the old plans, and figure out where they can seat people. In the end, I think they're not gonna be getting a lot of checks in the mail come Christmas.


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Paul said

Did any of you guys get the following letter...Dear Mets Season Ticket Holder:

Thank you for your support during our inaugural season at Citi Field.

Everyone at the Mets - our Ownership, General Manager Omar Minaya, Manager Jerry Manuel, the coaches, players, front office and staff - shares your disappointment with the 2009 season. We are also determined to get the organization and the team to where you - and we - want to be: a championship caliber team in 2010.

You soon will hear from Ownership and Omar about how we plan to improve the ball club through a combination of player signings, trades, enhanced player development and continued commitment to one of the highest player payrolls in Major League Baseball.

We greatly appreciate your purchase of Mets Season Tickets - in this economy or any other. We are currently finalizing our ticket pricing for 2010. Season Ticket prices will be reduced by an average of more than 10 percent, with several seating areas being adjusted by more than 20 percent. Every Season Ticket Holder invoice for 2010 will be less than 2009.

We will be in touch with you in the weeks ahead regarding additional details and benefits.

As a reminder, we have scheduled a Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Day this Sunday, October 4 which will include an exclusive post-game Mr. Met Dash for you to run the bases at Citi Field.

Thank you again for your business in 2009. We hope to earn your continued support and look forward to seeing you at Citi Field in 2010.
This was posted on METS POLICE...Maybe the discounts are just for FULL SEANSON TICKET HOLDERS
That's why the least expensive seat stays at $11

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