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by Kingman on October 12 at 10:17AM
Bruce Springsteen did the last gigs ever at the Meadowlands this weekend. The Boss wrote a tribute to the stadium. Here is a snippet.

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Boni Maroni said

Hey Kingman, just want to get your thoughts on some things. Hope you read the comments because I don't know how else to pose such questions. All the injuries aside, what did you and the other Mets fans think of the new additions to the team this year? I have heard so much negative talk about this season and not much good. (hard to find I know) But, what other team in the MLB could succeed with such a hand that was dealt the Mets, really? I just hope that the bone chip in Putz's elbow was bothering him way before it became an issue because I was disappointed in him at best. Also was hoping that K-Rod, even though meaningless games, wouldn't give up grandslams like he did toward the end. Just would love your and others thoughts on this matter. Thanx bro

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