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by Kingman on October 4 at 8:13PM
http://www.loge13.com/images/BudatShea.jpgAnd so ends one of the ugliest seasons in Met lore. The good news: we didn't have to suffer through another epic collapse down the stretch.

So here's to you, Nelson Figueroa, who ended the season with a 4-0 complete game shutout, the first one for the 35-year-old pitcher. You are now our #2 starter for 2010.

Here's to you, Josh Thole, who gave us some reason to hope for next year and beyond. Nine RBI's in 53 at-bats and a .321 batting average. Lets hope you are the next Mike Piazza and not the next Daniel Murphy.

Here's to you, Daniel Murphy, who finished the year with 12 home runs and a .266 average. Not bad considering how he was hitting before mid-August. Lets hope baseball invents a new position next year because you pretty much wore out your welcome at the existing ones.

Here's to you, Carlos Beltran. Really. You were one of the brave few to come back from that boogeyland called the DL and played hard these past few weeks. You are a pro.

Here's to you, David Wright. 72 RBI's and a .307 average. Not to bad considering who was hitting in front of and behind you all year. And you never complained, except when they forced you on the DL after that ugly beaning. I'd complain too, if those Met butchers doctors were given permission to poke and prod on my body.

Here's to you, Luis Castillo. You put together a nice little season and made us almost forget about the past couple seasons. Even after you dropped that pop fly in June, we rooted for ya. But please use two hands in 2010. And lay off the cheeseburgers this winter.

Here's to you, K-Rod. 35 saves and 7 blown saves. Hope your first impression of New York gets wiped away in 2010.

Here's to you, Pedro Feliciano, who appeared in a stunning 88 games for the Mets this year. Talk about a sadist.

Here's to you, Tony Bernazard. Thanks for all the pep talks. They really helped rally the boys when the chips were down.

Here's to you, Adam Rubin. Great job getting Tony Bernazard fired. Hope you get that front office job in the off-season that you've been scheming for.

Here's to you, Omar Minaya for finding creative ways to make bad situations worse all year. SNY could build a great reality series just around your press conferences.

Here's to you, Mets medical staff, for also making bad situations worse all year. Here's a tip for Met players going forward - next time you get hurt, rub some dirt on it. That's gotta work better than any advice you got this year. 

Finally, here's to you, Citi Field. It's not home yet but I guess no new stadium is after its first year. I'll write up my thoughts in another post later but for now I'll say this: we Loge13 transplants will be looking for a better place to sit next year. The last row of Prom 427 didn't cut it. The view was just OK, and the foolish standing room policy resulted in many distracting encounters, which took away from enjoying the game. Of course, the game is one of the principal reasons why we come to games, not to hear episodic cell phone conversations or drunken boorish bellowing masquerading as root-root-rooting for the home team.

The Mets have alot of things to fix this winter, from the roster to the front office to the ticket office. Loge13 will continue to raise toasts to this season until we can no longer remember this season. Then we'll start planning for next year. New seats. Maybe no seats. We'll see. For now, it's time to root for the Jets. Clearly alot of Mets fans rooted for Gang Green today, since they lost their first game of the season. Ah well, wait 'till next year.



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Ron Hunt said

I'd really like to see the Mets hire a President of the organization who has a baseball background and not let Omar be the final decision maker, with Jeff Wilpon mindlessly signing off on his ideas.

Kevin Towers is available, Pat Gillick has great experience. Maybe even Davey Johnson, who has a great baseball mind.

Then steal someone from the Twins to run and overhaul the minors, from top to bottom. Stressing fundamentals and the "right" way to play the game. This will take years of indoctrinating the new kids and re-programming the current players, but well worth it.

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chris said

Nice post. I can relate to the annoying people behind you. I have tickets in Promenade 431 and I don't know that I'll renew, given the poor view and annoying drunks constantly shouting behind us.

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Eli said

I had seats in section 508 in the back, and I will probably re-up for next year. I had Mezz res in Shea and these were almost the same. You don't get the traffic behind you, and you get a good view of the field. Its the same level as the 400 seats so the concessions are the same, you just walk up intead of down. I think the Pu-pu platter idea is fantastic, which is why they won't do it.

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Ron Hunt said

LOVE this!

This from Jon Heyman:

• The Mets are leaning toward giving 1986 hero Wally Backman a second chance. Backman, a fiery leader from that championship 1986 team, recently called for a job in the organization, and the Mets are likely to give him a minor league role.

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