— Days Without Shea —

by Kingman on October 30 at 4:29PM
Shea Stadium may be gone but Shea memorabilia lives on.

The MeiGray Group just announced some exciting new opportunities...just in time for the holidays, they say.

Like what, you say?

Like this. A 5x7 official dirt plaque. "This handsome 5x7 Cherry Wood Authenticated Dirt Plaque commemorates Shea Stadium's final season. The generous rectangular capsule of Authenticated Dirt was lifted from Shea Stadium's infield following the final game in Shea Stadium's illustrious 44-year history."

There are three other collectible thingies too: two dirt-related and one foul pole related.

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dyhrdmet said

is this the dirt that we all booed the Marlins players for collecting after the game? I'm kind of curious why it took over a year after the last game to get these things on the market.

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bobster said

I like the $69.99 dirt crystal. Not exactly dirt cheap!

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Paul said

Not really dirt related but dont head to $iti Field tonight for the football game...Its been moved, Sorry Fred, no extra money made but you saved your grass.

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Tony Die-Hard said

The dirt plaque is a waste of money. A thin piece of dirt is placed on a paper then put in the plastic holder. It is such a rip off. I have the plaque yankee stadium and it has a nice amount of actual dirt that moves in thew plastic holder when you turn the plaque upside down. As a die hard Mets fan I was extremely disappointed and felt robbed.

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Last night, my kids and I settled in to watch the World Series. The top of the first ended uneventfully. Then my nine-year-old asked for dessert, a request denied by his mother.

This inspired one of the more memorable tantrums in nine-year-old history. In true Met style, the kid never made it into the second inning.

Watching this episode reminded me of another classic World Series watching moment:

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Don Hahn Solo said

Someone get me an f-ing wiener before I die!

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http://www.loge13.com/images/Citiside_091408-thumb-525x393.jpgAs a service to all Met fans who wander through Loge13, I will be posting on the Diamondvision videos of anything not having to do with the Phillies/Yankees World Series.

Last night, I posted a clip of Lenny Dykstra and Roger McDowell debuting "Lets Go Mets Go" on MTV.

Today I invite you to head over to a clip Loge13 loyalist Bobster made (sorry no embed possible). He has created a wonderful compilation of the deconstruction of Shea Stadium, culminating in the old girl's last moments. If you're depressed now, just wait to watch this!

I'll keep flooding the zone with distracting "Think of England" moments until this post season nonsense is over.

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Ron Hunt said

Nice job Bobster...just made me miss the place. I hadn't seen pictures of the old gal in a while.

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Met fans everywhere are suffering an existential pain that has no remedy. In the workplace, in my family, in my neighborhood...people keep asking me the same question: am I rooting for the Yankees or the Phillies?

The prevailing opinion seems to be that Met fans should root for the Spankees. I disagree. I have no interest in seeing A-roids win a title. And Chan Ho Park and Pedro really deserve a ring after the great years they've had.

The truth for Met fans - we can't win. This was not our year, never meant to be our year, and I'm fairly confident next year's not our year either. Given the way our collective luck has been going, I wouldn't be surprised if the World Series ended in a tie and both our hated rivals ended up with banners to hold over our sorry heads.

So find something else to do the next seven to ten days. Here's a start. Watch this clip of Martha Quinn interviewing Roger McDowell and a remarkably svelte Lenny Dykstra, who makes things very uncomfortable about 55 seconds into the interview. I'll keep finding more distractions in the coming days, while I sit up here in Loge13 contemplating Life, the Universe and Everything:

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Doug said

I have to root for the Yankees. I can deal with one more World Championship for them, as my skin has grown some type of immunity.

I cannot root for the Philles simply because most of the Phillies fans I've met are a big bunch of a$$holes, who, if there weren't obnoxious and arrogant before, will be so g-d damn arrogant now... Just think, for 9 games next year at Citi Field. Phillies fans walking with red shirts reading, "Back to Back WFC baby!!" "We beat the Yanks in the Series, and you can't because your team sucks!"

I might go postal.

So, it's the Yankees for me. It's not the players, it's their fans.

And watching that video just reminds me how far the Mets have sunk on the popularity ladder in this town.

Let me go cry now....


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Perdo said

The only things worse then this WS match up would be if the economy tanked, if I lost my job and if the country was going to hell while being run by a bunch of environmentalist Marxist...Oh wait...that's really happening too. 2010 can't come soon enough.

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Paul said

Yesterday, 23 years ago, I was at Game 7 to see the Mets win the World Series. Today, I went to the parade. Never taught I would have to wait SO LONG for the next one.
P.S. I only root for 2 teams, The Mets and WHOEVER is playing the YANKEES!

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Kingman said

Doug, you make a compelling case, actually. Watching the Spankees celebrate on Shea's field in 2000 was the only justification for tearing down our old stadium. We'll never shake the horror of that defeat.

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by Kingman on October 21 at 1:34PM
I pity my poor friends who are Yankee and Phillies fans. They have nothing more interesting to do this time of year but watch post-season baseball.

Meanwhile, we Met fans can concentrate on more important things, like how many more ways current and former Mets can embarrass themselves.

Wednesday the New York Post has an exclusive story about former GM Steve Phillips' affair with a 22-year-old intern at ESPN. Of course, we all are aware of Steve's previous antics when he had one of the best jobs in baseball. Met staffer Rosa Rodriguez sued for sexual harassment, Steve took a leave of absence and the case got settled. The Wilpons stood by their troubled GM, despite the troubles the behavior caused the team (some things never change).

Now comes word that ESPN has suspended Phillips for a week after admitting to an affair with Brooke Hundley. The details are very ugly. Phillips' kids were duped by this woman and his wife has divorced him.  Good luck to the Phillips family.

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Ron Hunt said

The interesting issue that this screams is that virtually no manager or GM that the Wilpons have fired has been hired by another team in the same capacity.

The sole exceptions are Bobby V., which was in Japan, and Jeff Torberg, hired by his childhood friend Jeff Lurie to manage the Marlins, only to be fired in mid-season and replaced by Jack McKeon, who lead them to a WS win.

The problem with the Mets starts, and ends in my mind, with our owners.

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Doug said

I think Davey got a few jobs managing (Reds, Dodgers, Orioles) after the Mets fired him in 1990, but that may be considered Wilpon co-ownership, not ownership.

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greek bumble bee said



[October 23, 2009 4:16 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Ron Hunt said

Yes, I was only referring to the Wilpon Years, after they squeezed Doubleday out, a sad day in Mets history.

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