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by Kingman on September 9 at 8:40AM
Parking update this morning from Ron Hunt...

Ron drove to Citi Field this morning to park, his usual routine before a Met game.

The parking lots are all empty. But no one is allowed in until 3:00 PM, thanks to the U.S. Open. So any Met fans looking to park and head into Manhattan for a day of work before a night of baseball are out of luck.

Ron Hunt got redirected through the park to a lot near the Unisphere, where they wanted to charge him $18 for the inconvenience. Instead he parked in Corona.

The Mets and the City of New York - always looking out for us fans.

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dyhrdmet said

are you sure the 3pm restriction at Citi Field is due to the US Open and not the Mets game tonight? I would figure both lots would be more or less off limits to commuters during the US Open. Parking on the other side of the tracks costs money because of the tennis. What else could the city do?

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Ron Hunt said

I didn't mean to imply to Kingman yesterday that this was because of the Open. And I doubt this has anything to do w/the city. It's just such a strange thing to take place and a big change from the past.

Maybe the Mets weren't willing to cut the USTA in on the parking revenues, since the Mets now own / run the parking lots.

Whatever the reason, it continues the basic theme - Screw the fans!

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Doug said

I thought that the leaflet they handed out some months ago read that the Commuter Lot would be closed during the US Open... Actually, I thought it was here that I read it...


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