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by Kingman on September 30 at 8:44AM
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Bobby Valentine's days in Japan are over. As expected, the Chiba Lotte Marines ended their relationship with Bobby V. ESPN announced yesterday that the former Met manager will work as an in-studio analyst during this year's post-season.

In a conference call, Valentine also labeled the 2009 Mets campaign a "tragedy," and said no one could have fixed this team.

When asked about returning to the Mets, Valentine sidestepped the issue.

I've been giving this alot of thought lately. Jerry Manuel is a smart guy and can't be held accountable for the injury disasters that doomed this team.

However, there are ailments with this team that go beyond hamstrings and tendons. These guys are dispirited. Veterans and rookies alike fail to run out ground balls, make idiotic basrunning blunders and in general, perform like they have nothing to play for. Willie Randolph got whacked for failing to inspire his team. After a season and a half, Manuel hasn't rallied the boys any better.

The players need a kick in the tail. And the Mets need to give fans a compelling reason to come back to Citi Field in 2010. New Mets uniforms just won't cut it.

So bring back Bobby Valentine. Sure the guy was controversial and maybe a bit nuts. But he got guys like Benny Agbayani to play like a Hawaiian Babe Ruth. And he evokes memories of a winning tradition that has been missing for years.

Here's another idea...on Monday, ownership, Minaya and Manuel are going to meet and start planning for 2010. Chances are most of the coaches will be let go. If the Wilpons aren't prepared to fire Manuel, then make Valentine 3rd base coach. That would at least motivate Jerry Manuel to manage better! And Bobby V is just crazy enough to take that job.

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Paul said

The problem is Jerry is too nice a guy and we know where they finish. Is Valentine the answer? He may not be but, He's a sorely needed upgrade...

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Paul said

For those of you who did not hear...Jose Reyes tore his right hamstring doing rehab on Tuesday. Congrads go to Alex Cora for his new contract for 2010...His back-up will most likely be... Ray Ordonez...The tragic is back....

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