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by Kingman on September 30 at 8:44AM
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Bobby Valentine's days in Japan are over. As expected, the Chiba Lotte Marines ended their relationship with Bobby V. ESPN announced yesterday that the former Met manager will work as an in-studio analyst during this year's post-season.

In a conference call, Valentine also labeled the 2009 Mets campaign a "tragedy," and said no one could have fixed this team.

When asked about returning to the Mets, Valentine sidestepped the issue.

I've been giving this alot of thought lately. Jerry Manuel is a smart guy and can't be held accountable for the injury disasters that doomed this team.

However, there are ailments with this team that go beyond hamstrings and tendons. These guys are dispirited. Veterans and rookies alike fail to run out ground balls, make idiotic basrunning blunders and in general, perform like they have nothing to play for. Willie Randolph got whacked for failing to inspire his team. After a season and a half, Manuel hasn't rallied the boys any better.

The players need a kick in the tail. And the Mets need to give fans a compelling reason to come back to Citi Field in 2010. New Mets uniforms just won't cut it.

So bring back Bobby Valentine. Sure the guy was controversial and maybe a bit nuts. But he got guys like Benny Agbayani to play like a Hawaiian Babe Ruth. And he evokes memories of a winning tradition that has been missing for years.

Here's another idea...on Monday, ownership, Minaya and Manuel are going to meet and start planning for 2010. Chances are most of the coaches will be let go. If the Wilpons aren't prepared to fire Manuel, then make Valentine 3rd base coach. That would at least motivate Jerry Manuel to manage better! And Bobby V is just crazy enough to take that job.

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Paul said

The problem is Jerry is too nice a guy and we know where they finish. Is Valentine the answer? He may not be but, He's a sorely needed upgrade...

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Paul said

For those of you who did not hear...Jose Reyes tore his right hamstring doing rehab on Tuesday. Congrads go to Alex Cora for his new contract for 2010...His back-up will most likely be... Ray Ordonez...The tragic is back....

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by Kingman on September 28 at 7:40PM
Ron Hunt just forwarded this NY Post post:

The Mets are considering a couple of significant alterations to their home uniforms in 2010, according to team officials.

The club has talked about abandoning the pinstripes that have been part of their home uniform since the franchise began in 1962, as well as switching to a cream-colored outfit at Citi Field instead of basic white.

The cream uniforms would be similar to the throwbacks they were in August, as well as the current home outfits of the San Francisco Giants.

Club spokesman Jay Horwitz  would not be specific today except to say the Mets "are going to do something" with their home uniforms next season.

What is the point? How about instead of uniforms, we change medical staffs instead? Just a thought.

Here is a glimpse of those special uniforms the Mets wore against the San Francisco Giants last month:

Mets Uniform Aug 2009.jpg

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dyhrdmet said

oh this makes me sick. again, anything the Mets office seems to do just is wrong.

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Jonathan Sachs said

Sad anniversary today.

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Ross Jones said

They need to go back to the '69 home uniforms. That was a good look. Keep the road unis as is and banish the black tops to the ash heaps were brown Padre and orange Astro jerseys have been dumped.

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Ron Hunt said

The train keeps chugging towards the Dodgerization of the Mets! The Brooklyn team didn't wear pinstripes!

Maybe Fred can even change our team's name to the "Trolley-dodgers"! The Dodgers dropped that years ago, so it's available. Or maybe the Brooklyn Dodgers of Flushing!

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Paul said

I think its time that someone tells Fred & Jeff they only uniforms they will be needing are "Sleeveless Jackets" if they keep running the team like this.....

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Anonymous said


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New Yorkers may not appreciate the aethetic virtues of the Mets Home Run Apple.

But Floridians do.

At least when it comes to working the loopholes to find more public funding for their new baseball stadium.

The Miami Herald has a great little story about how city planners are using funds earmarked for public art to gussy up the future home of the Marlins:

Lost in the debate over the hundreds of millions in public subsidies for the Marlins' stadium is the $7.7 million in tax dollars set aside for public art.

About $2.5 million of that is earmarked for a ``home-run entertainment feature'' akin to Bernie the Brewer's slide (which used to be a beer slide, ending in vat of brew, until some complained), or the New York Mets' big apple rising from a top hat, or the Houston Astros' life-size locomotive that chuga-chugs across the rim of the stadium, or the granddaddy of them all -- the Chicago White Sox's fireworks-spewing, pinwheel-festooned ``exploding scoreboard.''

Miami-Dade's public call for proposals reads: ``The home run entertainment feature should conceptually celebrate the Miami Marlins, the ocean, light, movement and the spirit of baseball.''

Although a drop in the bucket in relation to the overall $515 million stadium cost, the unconventional use of arts money has raised some highbrow eyebrows and triggered a philosophical debate over the definition of art.

``Art should move your soul. It should be a thing of beauty and something that causes you to see things in a different light,'' says Becky Roper Matkov, a member of the Art in Public Places Trust, which oversees a $4.6 million budget for the county's program.

I can't say the new Apple moves my soul the way the old apple did. But I am glad they moved the old Apple to Citi Field. And it was classic this summer when the new Apple did not move at all after back to back home runs because it requires several minutes to re-boot after each rising.

Home-run celebrations often do become synonymous with their cities. So much so that when an old stadium is leveled and a new one built, the feature is often replicated.

That's what happened at newly opened Citi Field, where each New York Mets home run is celebrated by an apple rising from a top hat -- just the way it did at noisy, decrepit Shea Stadium.

We'll let that decrepit comment pass. Obviously the author does not recognize real art when he sees it.

If you are thinking there are better ways to spend $7.7 million in public money during a budgetary crisis, you might have a point.

But, by law, a penny and a half of every dollar spent on Miami-Dade government construction projects is carved out and put into a special kitty to pay for art in public places.

That money can't be spent on anything else. Though not a direct tax on the citizenry, it does pad the cost of public construction, so the effect is the same.

With that money, the county has commissioned some highly praised projects, including Rockne Krebs' The Miami Line, a 1,500-foot-long stretch of multicolored neon strung along the Metrorail bridge spanning the Miami River. It has become a signature feature of the skyline.

Other art pieces have gotten more mixed reviews. A sculpture of a dropped bowl and scattered orange slices outside downtown's Miami-Dade Government Center had to be roped off for a while to keep skateboarders at bay.

Claude Delorme, vice president of construction for the Marlins, says the new stadium -- ``not unlike any other project in Miami-Dade County'' -- deserves the same right as the Metrorail or County Hall to distinguish itself with public art.

But a few critics say not only is a home-run feature not ``art,'' but it is arguably not ``public'' either, since it will be cocooned inside a stadium capped by a retractable dome.

``They've been getting a heck of a gift from the county and the city,''says public arts trustee Graciela Solares, who sued Miami-Dade and the city of Miami in the springto stop public fundsfrom being used at the stadium.

Solares says she has no beef with baseball.

``I'd love to have the Marlins there,'' she says, ``and all the art in the world there -- as long as it's being paid by the Marlins and not by us.''

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The Mets sent out this notice to season ticket and plan holders. The interesting thing isn't the game but that all the premium clubs will be open at Citi Field for this event...


The United Football League debuts this fall with the promise of exciting, traditional football played by talented professional athletes, including the rising stars of tomorrow, and an entertaining game experience.  In its "Premiere" Season, the fledgling UFL will field four teams - the New York Sentinels, Florida Tuskers, Las Vegas Locomotives and California Redwoods.

In the first-ever pro football game at Citi Field, the New York Sentinels will host the Las Vegas Locomotives on Wednesday, November 4 at 7 p.m.  As a Mets Season Ticket or Plan Holder, we are pleased to offer you an exclusive opportunity to purchase tickets for the November 4 game at 20 percent price discounts, with per-ticket fees waived, before sales to the general public.  With this special offer, your ticket prices start at just $16.

For the Sentinels, led by head coach Ted Cottrell, this will be their only 2009 appearance at Citi Field.  Please note that, for this game, all premium Citi Field club spaces will be open and accessible for your enjoyment.

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Paul said

I hope they tear the shit out of Fred's grass.

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dyhrdmet said

while I don't disagree with Paul's sentiment, I'm kind of curious where the field will actually be. I remember the Mets trashing Shea because it was a dual purpose stadium that "didn't fit either (purpose) well". Now their "baseball only" stadium is being multipurposed.

Let's see if they can out draw the Mets from September with this football game.

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Ron Hunt said

Paul - you're killing me, great line & thought. Had me lol for minutes.

Who among us can hear Jerry Manual complaining when someone gets hurt early next because of the replacement grass not taking hold:

" Oh, definitely, you know they ripped up the field pretty good when those football games were here after the season"

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Paul said

Here's a link to how the field will be set-up for the football game with pricing....enjoy

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Yet more Met stuff is up for sale, under the moniker Amazin' Memorabilia.

This stuff is on display in the Mets team store at Citi Field or you can peruse the complete collection online.

There's lots of jerseys worn by ex-Mets at the 1969 reunion a few weeks back. Koosman's jersey is $1,000, although he may be wearing other pinstripes soon.

Lots of curious items to be found by strolling through the categories section on the left. the Miscellaneous  section has a bunch of Shea leftovers, everything from pretzel vendor boxes to foul pole sections to the last of the section signs. Happy hunting.

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dyhrdmet said

it disgusts me that they still have the Shea memorabilia up for auction at those ridiculous prices, especially after the live auction where items were trying to be sold for a fraction of these prices.

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chi flat iron said

It is quite sad that some people actually enjoy it if other players gameplay is disturbed, while they claim that such gameplay doesn't effect them at all.

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