— Days Without Shea —

After beating the mighty Nationals 6-2 Monday, the Mets managed just one more run on the way to losing the series in Washington this week.

Omar Minaya held a press conference before the game Wednesday, but not to talk about the team or any big trades in the works.

Instead Omar was responding to the latest reports about Tony Bernazard and his off-field antics.

Those exploits include:

- Taking apart  the Double-A Mets a few weeks ago, for their lousy play and alleged off-field drinking. Tony supposedly took off his shirt and challenged the team to a fight.

- Taking apart his second in command during a recent Met game, when Tony couldn't immediately take a seat behind home plate (the seat was occupied by a Diamondback scout). The tirade took place in full view of fans, Mets personnel and other scouts.

- Allegedly getting into a yelling match with one of our few good players, K-Rod, on the team bus.

These allegations raise a series of questions:

- Even Tony Bernazard can't get good seats in Citi Field? The ticket office is even more screwed up than Loge13 thought!

- Our minor league system is in shambles. What the hell is Tony B. even doing on a bus with the big league club? Doesn't he have work to do down on the farm?

- I could understand if Tony was mad at the Binghampton Mets for not taking their daily doses of HGH, but underage drinking? They're a bunch of 20 year-old guys playing baseball. Lets hope drinking is the worst thing they're doing.

Bottom line: everyone talks about how this team is plagued by injuries. And yes that's true. But it's been said on Loge13 before and it needs to be said again: this organization has bigger problems than injuries. When Omar has to call a press conference to announce an investigation into what his second-in-command is doing, then that's a sign there's something wrong with the first in command.

Either you really don't know what's going on. That's a problem. Or you do know and you're just once again blowing smoke at the media and the fans. That's an ongoing problem.

Look, it would have been better if Omar said,"Yes Tony challenged the Bingo Mets to a fight and my only regret is he didn't actually hit some of these losers to get some life in them." I don't agree with the tactic but I can respect the passion, the attitude.

This team has no attitude, and that starts from the top down. However the front office wants to spin this, our players know what's going on. And the fans do too.

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greek bumble bee said

You have heard me say many times over the years sitting in loge 13, that the Mets have the absolute worst management team in baseball and this is just another example. Until Wilpon sells this team we will continue to struggle. No regard for fans at all. How about a ticket price cut now that they are playing like crap. My 11 year olds team plays more sound fundamental baseball and is more fun to watch. AAARRRGGGHHHH

[July 23, 2009 10:16 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Ron Hunt said

I totally agree w/ the Greek. The one thing in common throughout the Booby V. / Phillips, Duquette / Howe, Willie / Jerry / Omar is the WILPONS.

They have made all these hires, for the wrong reasons with disastrous results.

We're back to the early '90's or the late '70's - we are the laughingstock of MLB.

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NatKiller said

You guys come back to town any time you like - you are starting to look like the Nats, and at least our pitching staff has an average age of about 21 and the team plays with some heart (it was the ex-Met manager who was comatose). We have a bunch more games left against the Mets - maybe the desire to see the Nats lose more games then the 62 Mets will be an incentive to play harder.

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Paul said

Hey Guys, Dont Worry, The Mets want to help you out so you keep comming to the games and afford those high ticket prices. This weekend, just bring your unwanted gold, silver, jewelery and rare coins to $iti Field during their 2-Day Gold Buying Event.
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This is from a FULL PAGE Ad in todays Daily News.
I can not believe how low Fred & Jeff will go.
These two need to be stopped. Any Ideas????

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G-Fafif said

You mean there are good seats at Citi Field?

[September 14, 2009 2:22 AM]  |  link  |  reply
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