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by Kingman on July 15 at 3:30PM
When I first heard about this possibility last week, I was a bit bummed. Why would our Pedro (as opposed to Montreal's Pedro or the Red Sox' Pedro) go to our division nemesis? For all his faults, Pedro Martinez did restore some swagger and self-respect to the Mets in the early Minaya reign. Heck, my son Peter still gets called Pedro all the time, especially when he is pitching.

That now stands for Pedro Feliciano.

Martinez is now a Phillie, as of today. But if you read the details from today's press conference, the situation is less deflating.

Pedro has only thrown off a mound three times since the World Baseball Classic.

He isn't eligible to pitch until after July 30 and said he needs 2-3 weeks anyway.

He says he feels better than he did last spring. But last spring, he had just gone through a rigorous off-season training program, got into killer shape and still went down with season ending injuries. 

He may not even start.

So I'm not going to get too exercised about this. Most every other team (including the Mets) passed on Pedro. Was it his physical condition? Was it his contract demands? Who knows. Personally I think for what the Mets paid Pedro for four years, he owed it to us to come back at a discount and give us a little something special to end his career with. But maybe "special" is not even possible for Pedro anymore and the Mets know it.

I'd like to wish for Pedro to do poorly, but that's not my style. Instead I'll say this: if Pedro does poorly, then Omar did the right thing. If Pedro does great, our GM has some serious explaining to do.  

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