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by Kingman on July 10 at 10:02PM
http://www.loge13.com/img/francoeur.jpgRyan Church, We Hardly Knew Ye.

The Mets dealt the concussive Ryan Church to Atlanta tonight for Jeff Francoeur.

I'm assuming this trade is about moving two guys who can use a change of scenery. The 25-year-old Francoeur is from the Atlanta suburbs and was a big fan favorite when he first came up, until he started stinking it up, hitting only .239 last year with 11 HR and 71 RBI's. Then the fans forgot who he was.

Church, meanwhile, was not a favorite of Jerry Manuel, no matter what anybody says to the contrary. No player got singled out as much by Jerry. Not sure if it was Church's born again Christian ways or the fact he used Ozzie Osborne's "Crazy Train" as his walking-to-the-plate music.

Why do I get the feeling Church is going to go down to Atlanta and go on a tear? Meanwhile, Omar touted Francoeur's durability (he played 162 games in 2006 and 2007, and 155 last year) as an asset. Look for Jeff to slip on a wet towel in the locker room or get Tom Glavine's taxi driver one night soon. Welcome to NY Jeff!


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