— Days Without Shea —

Omar Minaya just finished his press conference where he announced the firing of Tony Bernazard.

Tony was due to go due to his kooky and belligerent antics.This should have been a clean beheading.

But in true Met fashion, Omar botched the play. During his remarks, Omar partially blamed NY Daily news writer Adam Rubin for the situation. Rubin wrote the original piece about Bernazard's bare-chested bashing of the Binghampton Mets. Omar claimed that Rubin was biased because he coveted Bernazard's job for himself. Rubin then got a chance to confront Omar during the Q&A.

When you think "classy organization," think Mets.

UPDATE - 4:54 PM

Adam Rubin had to do his own press conference to discuss Minaya's charges. Rubin said he once spoke with Jeff Wilpon about possible careers in baseball and Wilpon invited him to come by sometime. That was years ago and Rubin never followed up. He also said he is not sure how he can continue to cover the Mets beat anymore, which was probably the point.


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dyhrdmet said

I gotta be honest. I'm still trying to comprehend all this. maybe wipe it all away with bleach to get the stains out (it happens to be the 16th anniversary of the "bleach" incident).

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