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by Kingman on July 6 at 8:47AM
I know I have been out of posting action for several weeks. My apologies. Thanks to all who have written in, worried about my whereabouts.

This is my longest stretch of inactivity. I wish I had a good excuse, like I've been on the disabled list with an ailment doctors can't successfully diagnose and treat. But then you might confuse me with one of our precious and delicate Met fielders.

The truth is I have been spending the last several weeks with a crop of players that should be starting for the 2009 Mets - my 8 year old son's traveling little league team. If any of you fellow fathers of little league travel all-stars are out there, then you know what I'm talking about. We have had a game or practice every day for the past month, requiring me to get up extra early for work so I can leave extra early to help coach these glorious conquests.

And while my blog production is way off, I have to say my appreciation for baseball - the game, not the business - is at an all-time high. If you want your son or daughter to get good at baseball, then get that kid involved in an intensive, instructional program. I have seen mediocre to bad players develop some sweet skills and baseball sense in a compressed period of time. There's nothing like watching an 8-year-old kid's face explode into a smile when their hands, wrists, feet, hips, shoulders, eyes and head all do the right thing for the first time and they REALLY drive a ball into the gap or throw a perfect strike that makes the catcher's mitt pop like a cherry bomb.

It is very cool and makes me remember why I started liking baseball in the first place. This game is not about being great all the time or even 40 percent of the time. In fact, baseball is really about learning from your mistakes and getting better slowly every day. Only the patient get really good. And I'm not a patient person so I'm learning alot too.

And in what other sport can you simultaneously experience every emotion known to man? We tell kids to "be aggressive" at the plate but to also "Have fun!" We teach pitchers to take a relaxing, cleansing breath as they get set and calmly focus on the target. Then we instruct them to load up, lift their front leg and violently throw that pitch as hard as their little bodies can. Meanwhile as coaches we remind everyone it's not about winning and losing. Then we go home quietly steaming when we do lose, and explain to our wives that if we hadn't walked 13 guys and committed seven errors, we actually coulda won that game!

Which brings me to the Mets. As the Blue and Orange Boys of Summer continue to embarrass themselves on the field, dropping popups, failing to run out ground balls or move runners over, I've been watching alittle less than normal. I actually try not to let my kids watch, in case they pick up some bad habits. I did take the kids to their first Citi Field game 10 days ago and meant to write that up, but Michael Jackson died on the way home so we got distracted.

Oh yeah, then I lost Internet connectivity at my house for 10 days. Thanks Comcast. Flash poll - does anyone out there live in New Jersey and have Verizon FIOS? I'd like to hear your story as I am seriously thinking of getting out of Comcast once and for freakin' all.

So there you have it. Travel baseball, Michael Jackson and Comcast made me not do it. We still have another few weeks of travel team but I will get the Loge13 generator fired up again. And congrats to David Wright, Joahn, K-Rod and Carlos Beltran.

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dyhrdmet said

Welcome back. you didn't miss much in Mets land. Better that you were watching the traveling kids than the traveling circus from Queens.

My parents have FIOS in NJ. No complaints. I highly recommend it.

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Kingman said

Thanks for the FIOS verdict, Dyhrdmet.

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Ron Hunt said


I've had Fios in Westchester County, NY for 15 months. I'm very happy with it.

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greek bumble bee said

Glad to see your back. I have FIOS in North Jersey for about 2 years now and its great. GO FOR IT !!!

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