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by Kingman on July 10 at 8:32AM
Good story in the NJ Star Ledger on decrease in attendance across MLB parks, especially here in NYC.

While I agree with alot of the article, I think it misses one valuable point. Attendance is also down at Citi Field because the Mets did not target real Met fans when they sold into Citi Field. Their primary target was corporations and wealthy individuals. Real fans got secondary (or less) attention and now go to less games overall and write blogs complaining about the whole mess.

But let me stop complaining and offer a solution...

I mentioned this idea to Ron Hunt at the last game we went to. If the Mets had been serious about migrating real fans from Shea Stadium to Citi Field, they should have offered a "Partial Season Ticket Sampler." Let fans buy 15 games (or more) but switch up the seat assignments. Three games are in Pepsi Porch, Three are in Promenade, 3 in Excelsior and the rest are in those other rich sections whose names I forget since I'm not allowed in them.

This Pu-Pu Platter plan would let folks with long-term designs on rooting for the Mets get a taste of the entire new stadium and help them make plans for next year and beyond. Plus it would fill out the stadium (EX - fill the higher prices seats with Sampler fans for the Pirates and other "Value" series).

I just visited the Pepsi Porch (buying tickets outside our regular Prom Box plan) and I'd be inclined to switch out there next year. Imagine if I also had the opportunity to watch a game in other sections. I might actually buy up. But at the moment, I'm not allowed TO EVEN WALK AROUND on those other levels. Heck, I can't even buy a beer in the Promenade Box Bar on my own level, making me question why I'd even return to the same seats?

So Mets front office, get in touch with me and I'll help you execute the Pu Pu Platter ticket plan. Turn all these negatives into positives. because lets face it...if you're hoping the Mets themselves are going to attract more fans to the stadium this year (or next), then your Mr. Met foam head is screwed on way too tight.

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Doug said


First, congratulations are in order for your folks. 54 years and they never had a fight....

Second, I was able to walk everywhere during the open house for plan holders back in April. It was a gorgeous Sunday morning. I saw the Caesar's Club. I walked the porch. I came, I saw, I looked at the price tag, and went "Gulp!?". No way I could afford 300 level tickets for the number of games I go to. I'd consider low rowd in the porch, but those were only available as full seasons...

Maybe that changes next year.. The average price of a Porch Ticket was $40 last season, only $5 more than my Prom Box.

And maybe next year they open up that Club to the rest of the serfs. It should be interesting to see what the Club does in terms of partial plans next season.


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Chris said

Why weren't you able to walk around? You can go pretty much anywhere except the restaurants. I have seats in the ;ast row of section 510 but I never watch the games from there. I go to the standing areas on the field level or on the pepsi porch to watch the games.

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Doug said

Unless you have a ticket, you cannot enter the Caesar's Club Seating Sections... Yes, you can go to the Porch. And yes, you can go to the Left Field Landing... But there are glass doors through which you must pass in order to enter the Caesar's Club / Club seating sections (306 through 333).

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Paul said

The REAL reason for the attendance drop is the PRICE of the tickets. Lets face it, Last year at Shea the top price for LOGE RES was $67. This year, the same kind of view which would be the Caesars Club, can cost $105. Thats a view about the same as Loge Sects 23 and higher. Loge 13 would be $161. And Loge 1 Rows 1 & 2 would be $245. Thats the reason for the drop in attendance.

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dyhrdmet said

the ticket prices are certainly going to drive down attendance. once people have gotten their fill of being at the new Shea a few times this year, and especially if they don't like it like me, it'll be a harder combo to get them back next year. throw in bad play, and it's even worse. and if they hold more seats hostage in unfavorable ticket packages, it'll drive even more people away next year.

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