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by Kingman on July 13 at 2:27PM
I have written about our seats in the Promenade Box area and the problem with the standing room policy at Citi Field. We are in the last row of our section. Basically anyone can stand directly behind us the whole game, just inches from the back of my head, and blabber on about anything besides the game. The situation almost got physical back in May.

This weekend, Ron Hunt's friend Maas the Yankee Fan went West and caught games in Anaheim and AT&T Park. She snapped these photos for us. In the Giants stadium, in the bleachers, there's a railing and line, over a foot away,  where people cannot stand behind your row. Maas said the no standing line is strictly enforced.


Citi Field folks - lets make this happen! Met fans paying good money for tickets get their experience ruined by this flawed standing room policy. Depressed Fan Brian recommended bringing spray paint and stencils to my next game. That's not a bad idea.

Thanks Yankee Maas for flying cross country for this Loge13 research! I'll see if I can expense it from my R&D budget.

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Paul said

I agree with you. I'm in the last row too, but the raised handicapped seating is behind me and then the standing line. I sure the people in Sect. 111-114 & 121-124 paying $210 top price must just love it!!!!

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AJP said

If the Mets were selling out they would be designating standing room only tickets. That is the ultimate purpose of the standee areas.
They overall purpose of the Fred Wilpon Ebbetts Field Memorial is not serve baseball fans who want to enjoy baseball. It is to service the people who want to walk around and go bar-hopping.

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kingman said

Unfortunately you can only bar hop if you have a ticket that permits access to the bars. Almost all of them are exclusive.

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