— Days Without Shea —

The latest MeiGray Group auction ends Thursday night. Among the more collectible of the collectibles - an original lighted Men's Bathroom sign from 1964.

The listing describes it as "An original Shea artifact that spans Shea Stadium's 45 seasons. This original bathroom sign hung in Shea's Upper Level throughout the stadium's history. (Size 8" x "12)."

It can be yours for only $250. Amazingly no one has bid on either this or the Women's Bathroom sign. Man if only I had been born rich. Every bathroom in my house would have a lit sign. On second thought, I wouldn't need the Women's sign because my wife would have left me after spending money on bathroom signs.

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dyhrdmet said

that item, and it's women's room counterpart aren't what struck me on the auction block. it's all those photos of Mets moments that didn't make their way to Citi Field. Are we going to see the cut sign for Loge 13 on the block some day, or do you own both of them?

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