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by Kingman on June 11 at 9:17AM
Met spam went out this morning, offering the faithful Citi Field Subway Series Ticket pack. You can buy a ticket to the Met/Yankees series...as long as you buy tickets to four other games.

I took a look at the process. After selecting two tickets for tomorrow's game, then a Dodgers, Phillies, Braves and D-backs game, I got my suggested price. $900.

BTW, they are only selling seats in the more expensive areas (Metro box, Baseline box, etc.), not Promenade box or other less expensive locales.

As Ron Hunt said, "The Flushing FlashThe soldout Subway series is now available because they haven't sold enough season tickets or six packs and are now offering deals."

BTW, for the first subway series game at Citi Field, there are currently 3,141 tickets available on StubHub. Presumably the Mets are holding at least an equal number of tickets. So who actually has tickets to this game, beyond season ticket holders?

On another note, Ron Hunt reports this parking update:

The Flushing FlashA flyer was handed out at the Southfield parking lot this morning, dated 6/9/09. Now for weekday day games the $4 rate is in effect until 9AM, then full rate $18.  For weekday night games the $4 rate is in effect until 12noon, then full rate. And for weekday games vs. the Yanks and during the US Open the commuter lot is closed until 4 hour prior to gametime and then it's the full rate.

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Ceetar said

I don't see any rip off.

The Mets (among others) have trouble selling the mid-priced tickets. Because people that can afford it buy better tickets, and people that can't can't.

Especially given the secondary market, I'd just buy a decent ticket on Stub Hub without having to buy the four other games.

Whatever, this is business of baseball when you have that type of demand.

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Doug said

Ron Hunt,

I didn't receive a parking flyer on Tuesday (or Wednesday, for that matter). Did it read that there will be NO COMMUTER PARKING (i.e. - The Lot will be closed) for the Friday Yanks Game and all days the US Open is in session? Or will they be charging $18?


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Tom said

If you buy prorated Season Tickets in the Promendane Reserved, it will cost just a bit more than the Subway Series pack and you'd get all 3 Subway Series games plus postseason guarantees.

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Ron Hunt said

Ceetar - I think the ripoff is that the Mets announced some time ago that the Subway Series(I really hate that title) is sold out. They were holding back tickets for potential season ticket or partial plan sales. That's BS. It was never sold out!

Doug - the Southfield lot restrictions for the Yankee series are only for the Friday 6/26 game. On that day, along with all weekday games when the US Open is being played( 9/4,8,9,10) the lot will be closed, until four hours before game time.

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dyhrdmet said

I don't think that what the Mets are doing with the remaining tickets are a "rip off", as far as packaging them up with other games. They're making the packages in the more expensive areas (and you aren't the only one to notice that) because the affordable seats are basically not available (at least through the Mets) - that's what fans were buying in their packages last summer/fall. They need to sell what's left, and I'd rather see them package the Yankees games in an a la carte 5 game deal than sell them individually because it will get more Mets fans and less Yankees fans in the ballpark. the total price of the packages is what gets people because these are expensive seats times 5. I'm waiting for ticket packages and prices for next season to see if the Mets learned any lessons.

what would be really cool would be to package 1 Yankees game, 3 other games, and 1 Paul McCartney concert bundled together.

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Joe said

Omar created this mess, the Wilpon’s have to bite the bullet and eat his contract. Better yet the Wilpons should sell the team. High ticket prices, exclusive clubs, disdain for the working class fans and this triple A mess of a team show the Wilpons do not know how to run a franchise. The stadium might be a ghost town in a few years or less. I will not renew my two plans next year. I must have had rocks in my head to pay $30.00 a ticket to sit in the very top of the upper deck. If you want to sit in what used to be the loge reserved outfield seats it is $90.00 a ticket.We have to show them we will not pay these prices. It is time to organize a boycott.

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Bobster said

I feel sad when I read posts like this. Whatever its flaws, Shea at least had enough seats to accommodate the average working-class fan. It was pretty rare to get shut out of a game. Such is 'progress.'

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Doug said

The Mets had sent out a 'Second Chance' opportunity email yesterday (Thurs) to buy single game tix to the three Mets / Yanks games at Citi. Apparently their 5 pack ain't doing so well, either.

There weren't many PRI, PR, or PRB to be had. I searched for a while, got greedy, threw back $27 PR seats in 525 hoping for something better, but pulled up a goose egg.

I am already going to Friday's game, so went into the search thinking I'd buy if some good seats in the Porch or LF landing showed up... Oh Well. At the end of the day, I couldn't have gone anyway.

Anyway, back to the main issue.... Shea had the capacity to accommodate the working class walk-up fan. Those last 15,000 seats were only spoken for Opening Day and the three games against the Yanks. Most of the affordable seats were sold as 81 or 15 game plans, which leaves little in terms of the affordable walk-up, since many of the unsold tickets are those in more expensive (70 & up) areas.


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Paul said

NEWS FLASH....Anyone can buy Met-Yank Tix on mets.com. The second chance e-mail also did not work. Rumor has it by wednesday all it will take is 10 Borden Milk Coupons...I love it. Up yours FRED and your ticket prices!!!

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Ron Hunt said

Paul - Great line! Love the Borden reference!

Screw Fred $ Jeff!

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Bobster said

Wow, that jolted my memory, Fred. My very first trip to Shea was on July 1, 1965 and my dad took me using Borden's coupons that my mom had clipped off of the milk cartons!

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Paul said

Thanks Ron & Bobster...Let me know the next game you plan on using them and the Sundew is on me!!!!!!

[July 4, 2009 10:57 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Bobster said

Kingman, is everything alright? You haven't posted in three weeks.

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