— Days Without Shea —

by Kingman on May 12 at 8:54AM
Ron Hunt just dropped off his car at Shea Field for tonight's Mets/Braves game. If you are driving out to the old ball game this year, take heed of the following:

 - Commuter parking is up $1 to $4

 - The Mets, who now run/own the lots have caught on a little. For a day game now, like tomorrow, no commuter parking unless you're in the lot by 3AM! Full load after that, $18.

- Had a good look at the Shea parking lot from the elevated #7. There is no home plate, bases or diamond yet. They are still working on removing the rubble and just starting on the asphalt behind that blue fence.

I have not yet driven to a game (mass transit for me). Even though I have been warned, I will still punch my steering wheel the first time I am charged 18 clams to park for a game. Parking has now essentially become another ticket to the game.

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Stormy said

Hey Kingman.

The plates, plate & rubber have been marked for almost a week now.


I'm hoping to check these out later today.

Hope all is well.

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Doug said

Parking has been $18 in the 'Commuter Lot' many times already this season... Pretty much the games versus the Phillies, Opening Night, Friday games (versus the BREWERS!?).... you name it.

The flyer I received Monday was read that the $18 cover charge on Wednesday will be the last for the month of May. Expect to pay $18 for 'Commuter Parking' on the day of gold, platinum, or Friday games.

By the way, the price is the price. The gates will be locked at 3am. No way you will NOT be paying $18 to park there unless you successfully distract the toll taker and have your buddy drive over the curb...

You can address concerns to Impark Customer Service at 212 937-8660.

The bronze bases and pitchers plates are installed, btw. Pics over at baseball fever dot com.

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Doug said

It would seem that the fleecing is over, and the commuter has won.


In by 9am, even on game days, pay $4.


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Andre said

I called the week before the exhibition games with the sox about parking (I had tickets for the work out too) I was told five dollars imagine my face when I pull up hand her a 50 and am told he is your 32 dollars change. Whaaaa?

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Doug said

Parking was $5 for the exhibition games, the St John's game, and the workout / open house.

Letters written by the clubs raid that a 'special' rate of $5 for these events would be in effect.... You can't tell me that you believed parking would be so cheap for regular season games.


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