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by Kingman on May 1 at 1:54PM
Work has kept me pretty busy the past week but that's not the main reason I haven't posted much lately. Like all Met fans, I am finding this team hard to watch. And like all Met fans, I'm still a sucker and bought more Shea Field tickets during today's pre-sale ticket sale silliness. I'll be bringing my kids to their first official game on June 25th, and sitting in the Pepsi Porch.

Meanwhile, the Mets are 9-12 and heading into Philly for the weekend. It'd be silly to say this is a must-win series but the Mets really need to get their backs up or risk massive NL East humiliation.

Fortunately they drew Chan Ho Park as the opposing pitcher tonight. It was just two years ago - April 30th, 2007 - when we watched from old Loge13 as Park make his first pitch as a Met:


One pitch. One out. It was all downhill from there. Three days later, Park was designated for reassignment.

And who was he replaced by? Lino Undaneta, who had a major league ERA of: INFINITY. (If you knew that answer, I am impressed. And troubled.).

So go Pelfrey. And Lets Go Mets tonight! 

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Ron Hunt said

Miss that first base view! I was at the Marlin day game the other day and my friend and I moved moved to promenade on the first base side. Felt much more at home. We need to correct / change that.

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Doug said

May I ask why the Loge13 dot com consortium didn't investigate the options in Prom Boxes on the RF side when plans became available?

I just LOVE my seats in 405.


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