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Mr. Met
The Mets have won four in a row. Pelfrey is now 4-0. Wright, Beltran and Reyes homered. We swept the Phillies. We're in second place.

Dare I say it, I had a fine time at the old (new) ballpark last night. There, I dared say it.

I went out early to my second game at Citi Field, in my ongoing quest to figure out Citi Field. After entering the rotunda, I made a first visit to the Mets mega store. There signing autographs was an old familiar face: Rusty Staub.

After perusing the store, I made my way up to the Promenade area, heading towards the Promendade cafe behind home plate. On opening day, one required a special ticket to get in this exclusive bar. Not so anymore, apparently. I was able to enter, order a beer and watch batting practice from a great view. I had the best, coldest Brooklyn lager beer ever while eating my smuggled sandwich. The sun began breaking through the clouds and had a bonding moment with Shea Field. I then randomly ran into Ron Hunt, confirming my suspicions that this was the right watering hole.

As for the game, the Mets didn't make us suffer too much. Beltran and Wright both hit two run homers in bottom of the first off a wobbly Jamie Moyer. We built up a 7-1 lead, which the Phillies slowly chipped away at, aided by some lousy calls by the 1st base umpire.
In the top of the 8th, the first base ump made a terrible interference call against reyes during a rundown play. Jerry Manuel got himself ejected, which was the right thing to do. Then Pedro Felliciano gave up an Ibanez 2-run homer, which was the wrong thing to do. The score was then 7-5, but K-Rod was able to record his 9th save.

The seats were still about 30 percent empty during the game, but the passageways were packed. I think many folks are still treating Shea Field more asa tourist attraction than a ballpark, which is to be expected. But the crowd was more familiar and knowledgeable this time out and the Mets played better, which always helps.

Lets see if Jon Niese can make it five in a row tonight.

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Jonathan Sachs said

Shea Stadium base, home plate, & pitcher's rubber markers have been installed in the parking lot.

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greek bumble bee said

What plan did you guys get since the old mon,wed thurs didnt work and when is your next couple of games so I can bring the kiddies and hang.

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Kingman said

Thanks for the update, Jonathan. I will look for that next time.

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Anonymous said

Today I saw an old guy wearing a Mets cap (I live in Honolulu) and a thought suddenly entered my head: from this point on, fewer and fewer people will be around who remember Shea Stadium. It will start becoming more clear in five or six years, when you talk to some kid in a Mets jersey and he tells you that Shea was before his time, he's only seen them play in Citi Field (or whatever it's called then). Eventually, finding someone who remembers Shea will be like meeting someone who saw a game at the Polo Grounds or Ebbets Field. Shea is receding into the past.

[May 13, 2009 9:07 PM]  |  link  |  reply
ohmurph.com said

Am I the only one that thought it looked like home plate was way too close to citi? Seemed like it was further back when sitting in shea

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