— Days Without Shea —

Don Hahn Solo was also at Thursday night's game. He paid $50 for this view:

If you only pay $40, construction guys come down and turn your seat away from the field.

In Prom 427, we can't see about 20 percent of left field. When a ball is hit in that corner, it's kinda like listening to the game on radio.

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dyhrdmet said

this seat on the foul pole has a unique view. parts of the park that even the broadcasters can't see.

sec 405 loses maybe 20% of the field also (in RF). This is why the park looks 30% empty a lot of the time - lots of people walking around since their seats are no good.

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Dan said

But your seats in 427 would be equivalent to something like section 32 in the Upper Box at Shea. Those were a million miles away from the field. The reserved seats in that area, especially, were unbearable. Now they're decent seats, close and angled towards the infield, but in order to achieve that you lose part of the corner below.

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Bobster said

It reminds me of watching the game from the subway ramp at Shea. Except that was free (other than the cost of a subway ride).

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