— Days Without Shea —

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Q. Who was the first person to hit his 500th home run in Citi Field?

A. Gary Sheffield (That's an easy one)

Q. Who had the first walk-off RBI at Citi Field?

A. Luis Castillo

That last one may not be so easy.

Good to see Castillo have another good game at the plate. Real Met fans had better be rooting for this guy; we need him to come through like tonight if we're going to have a chance this year. The Mets left 13 men on base tonight, including three bases-loaded situations. This team will live or die by how secondary dudes like Castillo do with the game on the line.

Congrats also to Gary Sheffield. Maybe losing that 500 HR anvil from his back will help him loosen up more at the plate.

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