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by Kingman on April 3 at 4:17PM
For better or worse, the Mets have shed their old stadium for 2009.

Definitely for better, the Mets have also shed their old habit of signing old players, hoping they can squeeze some more magic out of a fading career.

This year, we don't have to worry if Moises Alou can make it out of April without pulling, straining or breaking something. No offense, Moises was a great player, just too injury prone to make a difference consistently.

Nor do we have a Rickey Henderson-type situation, where a great but divisive presence spends his spare time in the clubhouse, spreading bad cheer.

Yup it's a good thing we're starting the year right, with no aging distractions to avert team focus. Unless, of course, this is true.

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Rickey Henderson said

and they're paying him the league minimum, so we can we sure he'll be perfectly content...

[April 4, 2009 8:39 AM]  |  link  |  reply
mike said

Shades of Mickey Lolich!!

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