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by Kingman on April 17 at 10:11PM
Shea Field has the Pepsi Porch. But Yankee fans took it in the porch from Pepsi yesterday.

Apparently, Pepsi promised fans 250 tickets and a chance to meet Goose Gossage on Yankee Stadium's Opening Day. Fans turned out hours ahead of time but just before the promotion was due to begin, Pepsi moved the show three blocks away, resulting in a Bronx bum's rush up the street.

According to reports, Goose Gossage did eventually show up but only to wave from his limo as he drove by to the game. The tickets that were offered were for a game in June, not THE opening day. As you can see, fans did not respond well...

Pepsi Promotion Backfires With Fans - Watch more Funny Videos

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Brian said

I still can't believe they switched to Pepsi at the Stadium. So un-American, so Shea-like. Disappointing.

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