— Days Without Shea —

by Kingman on April 20 at 3:17PM
From Nomas-NYC.com:

It was a dump. But it was our dump. I knew the time had come too say goodbye, but I never truly believed that the name would be sold to the highest bidder. When the name Citifield was announced I cried a little. When I drove by the other day and saw that name in lights, I cried a little more.

So here we are in the great depression of 2009, Citibank has been bailed out. At that time several people wanted to call it Taxpayer Field. I heard this while listening to the FAN, and I remember commenting to my self, "I'm calling it Shea."

And that's what I'm calling it. It will never be Citifield in my mind. It will always be Shea. Join us, as we attempt to take back the real name of the park at Flushing Meadows back form those that stole it from us. Join us in always calling it Shea to your friends and loved ones. "Popcorn, peanuts all down at Shea, guaranteed to have a heck of a day."


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wally backman said

is this a real shirt? where/how can we get it?

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4Swoboda4 said

First, the lyrics go:

"Hot Dogs, green grass, all out at Shea ...."

Second, you are entitled to feel how you feel -- an no one stole anything ... the Mets are getting $20M a year for Citi to place a name on a stadium .... a name that quite frankly is not offensive. For the record, I am OK with it.

But really, does it matter? By your thinking, why wasn't the new stadium in 1964 out at Flushing Meadows named "The Polo Grounds" or "Ebbetts Field" or something similar to keeps those names alive? It was originally planned to be called Corona Park at Flushing Meadows (or something like that) .... those darn Sheas stole the name .... Jeez, get over it.

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4Swoboda4 said

After re-reading your post, let me get this straight.

After shedding all those tears over seeing the name CitiField and not Shea Stadium, you regained your composure, designed a T-Shirt and are now trying to make money off it?

Just curious.

What an absolutely ridiculous post ....

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Stu B said

Thank you, Wally Backman!

To paraphrase Crash Davis in "Bull Durham," I hate people who get the words wrong!

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MookieHernandez said

Bravo Kingman - they can't dictate what I call it. Until Citi sends ME a check, I'm calling it Shea (or "New Shea" to show that I am aware it is actually a new stadium).

Swaboda's missing the point. It's just more marketing and advertising to get in the way of enjoying the game. Does anyone else like seeing billboards on the outfield walls or the images on the wall behind the catcher?

... and what will you think when Citi goes out of business and they have to rename it? What happens when it becomes "Bed Bath & Baseball Park"?

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Ron Hunt said

Hey 4Swoboda4, you got it wrong!

Kingman had nothing to do w/these shirts. As a matter of fact I forwarded him the site - nomas-nyc.com - when I saw the t-shirts, which I thought was funny and appropriate for the blog. The site actually has several funny, and some not, t-shirts on the site.

Sorry you didn't get it.

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4Swoboda4 said

First, apologies to Kingman -- I did miss it and again, I offer my apologies.

Second, toe Mookie/Hernandez, I could care less what they call it or how much signage is in the park .... it does not detract from the game at all for me ... are you seriously saying that becasue the stadium is called CitiField or because there are ads on the outfield walls (which were at Shea Stadium as well) andf the scoreboard (which were at Shea too) that it ruins the game?

Get real ... that's simply ridiculous.

To be clear, call CitiField anything you want .... if/when it should need a name change due to some corporate issue, then I will call it by it's name ....

Let's not forget that the Mets did not just change the name for change sake .... there is a lucrative corporate sponsorship deal here that should help this team.

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MookieHernandez said

You use 'ridiculous' alot - does every opinion that doesn't match yours get labeled as such?

It does detract from the game for me ... when every available inch of the screen is sponsored, it detracts from the game.

I can remember Shea before there were ads everywhere because it was considered bush league to sell out ad space on the outfield walls.

If you're fine with all the ads and such, then congrats. But it's a small mind that doesn't respect different viewpoints.

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4Swoboda4 said

Mookie/Hernandez ... I like thew ord ridiculous -- do you have a problem with that?

If the signage detracts from the game for you, then I cannot address that -- it it does, it does. But what I don't understand is that your glorious Shea had a ton of signage as well -- all over the scoreboard, in back of home-plate, and all over the outfield fences. Yet Shea was a paradise and your brand new Shea is not .... hard for me to understand that.

I guess I'd rather have a small mind then a completely empty one .... you degrade CitField for having attributes that your beloved Shea Stadium had .... that makes sense to you? Are you even capable of understanding the very words you yourself wrote?

You strike me as someone who has nothing better to do then find something to complain about .... well go at it big fella.

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mike said

All Citi Field is to me is a Giant Billboard inside and out. It's disgusting..It's also a Mall which happens to have a baseball field inside of it.

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MookieHernandez said

Wow Swaboda - If you took the time to read my post, you'd see I didn't like it at Shea either.

That said, I have no interest in wasting my time with someone such as yourself any further. I'm off this thread. Congrats - you win.

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4Swoboda4 said

You must be a moron.

Nowhere does it say you dislike Shea ...

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Gary Lambert said

Stick it to the banksters! Call it Debits Field!

Do you LOVE your Amazin's, but HATE the fact that the name of their beautiful new ballpark was sold to a corrupt and greedy corporation (and paid for with OUR Federal bailout bucks, at that)?

Well, you can join the protest and reassert your naming rights, with the DEBITS FIELD T-SHIRT!

Visit www.debitsfield.com for details.

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glenn said

The real lyrics are "...bring your kiddies, bring your wife,
guaranteed to have the time of your life..."

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