— Days Without Shea —

Friday night, the Mets play the Red Sox in Citi Field (if the rains hold off). This will be the first time major league baseball players play a game in Citi Field, so it is being treated as kind of an opening day.

Even though last weekend was Citi Field's official opening to the public.

Even though April 13 is the official Opening Day.

Ah whatever. You can only open once so you may as well do it as many times as possible.

The papers are full of stories this weekend, praising both the new Spankee Stadium and Citi Field. I have lost count of all the food-related articles regarding the Mets new home but I have gained at least five pounds reading them.

Not every journalist is drinking the Kool-Aid, as Mr. Mushnick went to town on the latest sightline controversy, pointing out that the Colliseum had not a bad seat in the house (especially if you were about to be devored by lions).

As far as Kingman's opening day, I will get to see Citi Field for myself on Sunday, April 5. The Mets are having an open practice for players and partial plan holders have been invited. I will be there with Ron Hunt (who offered an extra ticket. Thanks again).

And I must give props to the Mets. Last weekend, Kingman Mater was at Citi Field for the St Johns/Georgetown game and asked at the front office if the Mets might have one extra ticket for Sunday. They took her info and said they'd see if it was possible. Yesterday they actually came through with an extra. Well done, Mets.

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John said

Does anyone know where I could get a full copy of the Shea Stadium closing ceremonies? I have been waiting to see if one showed up on Ebay, but I have not seen one so far.

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