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by Kingman on March 24 at 8:06AM
Yankee John sent along a photo he found on Forgotten-NY.com of a brand-spanking new Shea Stadium

shea stadium 1964

Remember, sports fans, Citi Field looks spectacular now 20 days before the official opening, but Shea Stadium also looked good when the paint was still drying. 

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Doug said

To this day, I still believe that Shea would have aged MUCH better had they not mucked with the color schemes and splashed dark blue paint all over the place. Replace the original wooden seats with plastic ones, yes. But do not change the color.

She would have aged gracefully instead of being the recipient of band-aids in the form of paint, paint, and more paint.

Look at Dodger Stadium. It looks majestic. Shea could have aged the same way.


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Bobster1985 said

I agree with Doug. Also remember that the original Mets ownership let Shea get really run down. It looked terrible already in the late '70s, just before the team was sold to the present owners.

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Chris Vallely said

I went to one game at Shea in March, 1991 and was not impressed very much. It seemed like it was not maintained very well. I don't remember who the Mets were playing, but the atmosphere inside Shea was not great.

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