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Lady Kingman and I were in a bar last night and saw this report on NBC-TV, with the sound off. Definitely click through and watch the video.

Aramark had a big job fair out at Citi Field Saturday to fill 600 positions, everything from ticket takers to bartenders. With the economy being so bad, the turnout of applicants was enormous.

But what about the folks who used to work at Shea Stadium? This was a concern at the end of last season. Loge13 residents did have a few favorite beer vendors and bartenders (veterans of Casey's Pub). We don't know the fates of our loved ones. If anyone has updates on Shea employees, please let me know.

Alot of the long-time ushers (who are not employed by Aramark) told us in September they had to reapply for their jobs this year and there is no guarantee they'd be back. It would be very sad of those old familiar faces of Shea were cut loose simply because the Mets baseball diamond moved a few hundred feet over.

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b-dizzle said

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dyhrdmet said

One thing I've noticed was that only front office and clubhouse personnel made the move from Shea to "new Shea" (short of a few players). Look at how many artifacts went up for sale instead of getting set up in the new place. This fits right in with leaving behind EVERYTHING old. We still have our memories, but nothing left to remind us of them.

To be fair, I think most of the ushers were still original Shea ushers.

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cver said

There's nothing fair about this and I believe that any employee of Shea who was not offered to keep their job and at least their previous wages should join together and sue the Mets and the City. What is all of this talk about family, loyalty, economic growth, jobs, neighborhoods?! They want to tear down the neighborhood and rebuild it and own everything and hire people in this awful environment at subsistance wages, because they can. OK, I've ranted on here a bit, so I will add, this is all "if" it's true that folks weren't invited back.

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Paul said

Hey Guys, Remember what they tried to do with our ticket plans. ONLY because they could not get enough Season Ticket Holders were we let "Back In". Please do not tell me I can not get a beer from "BUDWEISER DAVE" from the Loge Section.

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Anonymous said

I saw the soda guy... "pepsi soda" who worked the loge at the final day of demo for shea...he told me he was workin at citi field, and i told him ill see you there then...we laughed. "pepsi soda Pepsi soda" you know who im talkin about?

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B-Dizzle said

Here's a preview of the NL East rotations with a poll for voting.

Link: http://pabaseball.blogspot.com/2009/03/nl-east-rotations.html

Give it a plug if you like it, thanks.

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Ron Hunt said

Everyone of the crew I knew at Shea is returning. The Cracker Jack / Peanut guy, who also works at MSG, told me the other day at a Ranger game that he's set to be selling at Citi. Our old bartender from Casey's, who's been in the Grill Room since Casey's demise, knew he'd be back at the end of last season but didn't have any idea of where he'd be. Nor will Aramark, according to Joe, give them a say in where they work. Joe thought seniority might take precedent.

My other good friend, who is a Diamond Club and Grill Room hostess, will also be back but she is employed by the Mets, and has been all these years, and not by the food service vendor Aramark.

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Greek Bumble Bee said

Kingman, Ron Hunt Great job with this awesome sight. I am another former member of Loge 13 sitting right in front of you both with the Greek Bumble Bees. So many great times were had by all. Who could forget the sailors relieving themselves while in their sits and Ron Hunt whaling on one of the ushers to get rid of them as urine dripped down to our rows.
You guys are great and keep up the good work.

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