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Pater and Mater Kingman were at Citi Field today for the historic St. John's Georgetown game - the first baseball ever played at the Mets new home.

Dad Kingman filed a report and sent the first batch of photos. The second batch is here.

Dad Kingman's assessment of Citi Field:

Phenomonal. He was very impressed by the stadium and even the staff, which was ultra courteous. He noted the abundance of  food courts (not all of which were open).  The food prices were moderate, or at least not higher than last year. Oddly, the calories of food products were listed along with prices (a $4.75 hot dog has 410 calories. Who knew?).

Dad Kingman noted that getting around in Citi Field could be difficult. Mom Kingman and he went by the new seats in Prom 427, then tried to head out to Pepsi Court, where they were sitting for the game. They learned there is only one level that goes all the way around the stadium. Pater Kingman did note that the corridors are very wide in Citi Field..

As far as watching the game, he said the sitelines are absolutely fantastic. For some reason, Georgetown was the home team today. And for the record: the first home run ever hit in Citi Field was by First home run was by a Georgetown player named Sean Lamont.

Other comments:
- The scoreboard graphics are excellent. Signs are big and bright.

- They are using colored lights for balls and strikes. They were a little bit slow getting scores up.

- Sweet Caroline is back.

- The Pepsi Party Patrol is back.

- Cowbell Man was back!!!

- The Wiffle ball field and dunking court were not open today.

- The Bridge terrace is a good deal. They take reservations for groups of 25 or more. $65/ticket, which includes $ 20 credit for food.

- The crowd was well behaved but the stadium was only about half full, perhaps because of the weather. Lots of cops and security.

And now some photos. Here is the 7-train platform, with new signage:

But you can purge Shea Stadium that easily! Here's a sign for the old ballpark:

shea stadium sign at willets point train station 032909.png

Oh wait, maybe you can purge the old stadium. here's what is left of Shea:

Here is part two of Citi Field's debut.  And thanks Dad Kingman for the excellent reporting and photos! You are a digital media star!

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