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by Kingman on March 26 at 9:33AM
The good news: you can get Opening Day at Citi Field tickets.

The bad news: it's gonna cost you. Alot.

The Mets are offering opening day if you buy four other games in April or May (four games from the other 11 April home games and all 10 Monday-Friday May home games, including the Philadelphia Phillies' first visit to Citi Field (May 6-7).

You also have to choose from Metropolitan Box, Field Box or Caesars Club Bronze seats.

To see how cheap I could go, I ordered 1 ticket for the Caesar's Club (what's up with all the food references?) and the cheapest games i could think of (Pirates, Marlins, nats and Brewers).

The cost: $ 546.50.

That's 1 ticket. So expect to shell out at least $1,000 if you want to go with someone you know. Or perhaps take a family member (I hear kids like baseball games. At least rich kids do).

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Doug said


The first day this plan was available, the club was offering Baseline Box seats.

If you wanted one ticket to Opening Day, at the lowest cost, you would choose Baseline Box, plus 4 Value dates. $105 + 4x$45 = $285. If you are a plan holder, you could have gotten all the fees waived had you called.

You could have gotten the price down even further if you decided to flip those $45 tickets (maybe even sell them at a loss). Even better, if you have tickets (plan or season) elsewhere in the ballpark (that are affordable - aka Promenade level) you can choose 4 games that you already have seats to, sell the Prom seats (maybe at a profit) to off-set the costs of the lower bowl seats.... and sit in those lower level seats for those 4 games.

Bottom line, it was a deal if you jumped on it right away... not so much now unless you make an effort and are willing to gamble.


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dyhrdmet said

do you think the Caesar's Club offers a free salad? sorry, couldn't resist.

the photo you used in this post - i both love it and hate it. no good photo of Shea has Citi Field in it, but i think i've taken that shot a few times myself.

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Dan said

I don't see what the Mets could have/should have done differently regarding opening day. They offered 15 game plans, including promenade seats, that include OD... had a lottery for single game OD tix... and now they're trying to sell some expensive tickets in bundles that they haven't sold to season ticket holders.

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joe said

lets go mets

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