— Days Without Shea —

A few weekends ago, we all re-set our clocks in preparation for spring time.

In Queens this weekend, the Mets will be re-setting their new toilets.

According to Newsday, some critical final testing of the new stadium will be conducted:

There will be a lot of flushing going on in, uh, Flushing this weekend.

One of the final steps in preparing Citi Field for its March 29 debut is making sure the plumbing works, so Saturday morning a group of people set up by the plumbing contractor will run around the stadium - yes - flushing toilets.

"We're going to simulate a day at the game, with all the water going off at the same time," said Marie Morena, vice president of Cardoza Plumbing Corp., which installed all of Citi Field's plumbing, piping, equipment and fixtures.

Morena said she gathered 300 volunteers to do the simultaneous flushing by talking to her office personnel and workers on the job, though word spread among Mets fans so quickly that she received many calls.

"I could have had a thousand people there," she said. "It's a security issue."

The Yankees did their flushing check at the new Yankee Stadium Feb. 28.

Given that the bathrooms are always cited as a reason Shea Stadium was torn down, these tests better go well. Otherwise, I expect re-construction to start tomorrow.

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Caryn said

It was hilarious. We were there for a tour and had some confusion with the lines - since one person told us we had to go sign in at a trailer, but that was the flushing people.

So we're inside, and over the PA we hear, "Okay, everyone in the Caesar's Club, flush the first toilet, and then move on to the next one, and keep flushing until I say stop."

they went from level to level. all seemed to go well.

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kingman said

That's good news. Of course, the real test will come when they start selling those 32 oz beers.

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