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by Kingman on February 11 at 8:55AM
Loge13 spiritual adviser Ron Hunt got a mailing a few weeks back from the company that is re-burnishing and re-selling the Shea seats, Stadium Seat Depot. They are offering seat feet to steady the set.

Ron Hunt ordered the wooden version and here are the results:


Looks pretty good. Anyone needing a seat feet solution should take a look.

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Ron said

Question: I got my seats but they are still boxed awaiting a reshipping to Florida .... can someone tell me if I need to but these "seat feet" or if as shipped the seats will stand on my floor alone?

I do not wanr to open the box because it needs to be reshipped .... if I need to order "seat feet" I would like to know.


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Ron Hunt said

My seats, blue loge seats, have black metal "L" brackets that allow them to stand on their own but they are not steady and can easily tip over, especially when you're getting out of the seats. There are previous pictures on this blog of the seats with the brackets without the wooden feet.

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Jim said

Did these seats come with certificates of authenticity? I received my seats but thought I would have gotten a certificate.

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Ron said

Ron Hunt ... thanks! I do not plan on actually using them as "seats" ... they will be positioned in front of a Mets memorabilia wall ... at least I have the details on these "seat feet" im case I need them.

[February 11, 2009 4:04 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Ron Hunt said

Ron - There was a letter from the Mets on "official" stationary, but I guess it's not a certificate.

But there is a hologram on the metal seat numbers on each seat that looks pretty official. I think Kingman a photo of it in the original set of photos of my seats because I mentioned it in that posting.

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Andrew said

Just curious. Are your seats the same sizes? One of my green seats is a 20 and the other a 19. I was told by s+s seating that all the pairs were sent out mismatched and they would not do anything to rectify my problem.

As for your seats, Im jealous. Blue looks nice and the wood blends in perfectly with your floor.

[February 16, 2009 8:04 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Ron Hunt said

Andrew - Both of mine are 18 inch. Maybe when you ordered the seats has to do with the matching of the seats.

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Rich said

I just ordered my seat feet. However, I think that it's absolutely ridiculous that I have to pay another $65. I just spent $869 for the seats themselves. You would assume that they would be able to stand on their own. It just proves that yet again the New York Mets do not care about winning or their fans. I guess it's my own fault for spending my hard earned money on this organization.

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Ron Hunt said


I didn't see the feet expense the same way. Looking at the seats during the season, I knew some accommodations would need to be made. The "L" bracket gave us options - I still may build my own bottoms - or if you wanted to screw them into something, you could.

Not to be a Mets defender - anyone who reads this blog would know that's where I go - but I was happy shipping was included in the price. Shipping these 95 lbs would have been a real added expense.

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Andrew said

Ron - I had ordered my seats Sept 2nd but they "misplaced" my order and I finally received them last week.

Rich - I wouldnt blame the Mets for the seat feet. The Mets have been trying to help me with my problem the best they can. S+S seating is where you should direct your anger.

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Matt said

If you don't mind me asking, how much were the wooden feet (shipping included)?

[February 24, 2009 9:03 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Ron Hunt said

Matt - Hunt here, my seats feet were $84.95 all inclusive, shipment to Westchester County. Obviously, a little vig added in.

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Tom Connor said

Seat Feet??? This must be something only found in NY! We are proud owners of Fenway Park and Boston Garden stadium seats and luckily my husband is a display builder. When the seats arrived with no bases he was shocked! How could he watch his favorite team in these awesome chairs in his own home when the seats had no way to support themselves?? Well luckily he is very talented and created a base for each set on wheels and now our friends come over and love watching the sporting events in these authentic chairs !

Would you be interested in such a custom base in team colors?

If so, please email at ktconnor@comcast.net.


Kristine and Tom Connor

[May 17, 2009 1:44 AM]  |  link  |  reply
Richard said

I brought 2 of the upper deck red seats (where I sat for the Jets games) and am looking to trade the seat backs for ones with the numbers 5 and 6...Right now I have 3 and 4 but would like my seat numbers I had while the jets played at Shea...

Or if anyone has a different way of me getting those numbers


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