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by Kingman on February 9 at 8:03PM
I asked Loge13 readers to send in pictures of Shea seats, if they bought 'em.. Author Matthew Silverman provided these photos of his seats and the following note:

I've finally uploaded the pics. Unlike a recent experience I read about on Faith and Fear, these seats came long before Christmas and arrived on a rainy day when we had a couple of people on hand willing to help with the cleaning. They were dirty with years of peanuts shells, but they came with a stand that was relatively easy to put together. They have transformed a room that didn't see much action into the rollicking sports den. My son and I even sat in them for two Cardinals football playoff wins, more rare than anything even the Mets can manage in the postseason. Maybe there's something to these seats. (When I sat in them for an UltiMET Classic, the Mets did, however, win that game.) They also take up relatively little space for two chairs and go perfect with a Mets rug that I was given as a gift a year or so ago (mainly because it was too big for someone else's home) and my laundry room is wider than it seems.


That's not to say all this was easy. To get orange seats I had to use someone else's account number and keep calling back during the season ticket grace period to buy the seats before I finally got an employee who had no problem with me buying someone's else's seats. (Like I was the first person to have this idea?)


While they were expensive, they're still barely as much as my friend's new boring old green seats at Leper Field (or whatever Rep. Kucinich would have us call it). My orange seats are much more comfortable when there's no row in front of you or someone sitting behind you talking on his cell phone the entire game or someone booing a five-time All-Star.

It's as close as I'll ever get to Shea again.

Thanks Matt! Quick quiz: can anyone identify the subject of the black & white photo hanging on the wall behind the seats?

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dyhrdmet said

these look good. i'll have something soon to send you. i'm probably picking them up from someone's house this weekend.

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Ron Davis said

I give you lots of credit it It looks awesome. You did justice to those seats. I wish I could afford seats but I am realistic i can't but it is good that a fellow Mets fan made a shrine to Shea. You will aways cherish them.

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Shell said

There's no way I was spending that much for seats. So I did the next best thing with mine - took a photo of them, & had it printed on canvas. I can't sit on them, but I love it on the wall!
Photo of the photo on canvas here:

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CaseStreet said

I like the idea, but way too expensive. Congrats on the Mets Cave!

[February 10, 2009 3:04 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Ron Hunt said

Nice Matt!

Looks like Tyrus Raymond Cobb to me, Kingdude!

[February 10, 2009 6:43 PM]  |  link  |  reply
Andrew said

I ordered mine on Sept 2nd and had to go through heaven and heck to finally get them today. My green seats arrived but they dont match. One seat is about an inch and a half wider than the other and only one side has the remnants of the hardware for the seat bottoms of the seats next to it. Since they took so long with my order, I'm fearful that they just threw two plastic seats together and shipped it out. Not that it maters much but the different sized seats together do not look good. There is also paint from the refurbished armrests splashed onto one of the seats. I wish I could be as enthusiastic about my seat buying experience as some other people.

Congratulations Matt.

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